Siemens intends to be global green leader

by Published Wed 29 Apr 2009 12:30
Siemens to invest in expanding its environmental portfolio

German electronics and electrical engineering group Siemens has announced plans to invest heavily in reinforcing its position as a world-leading supplier of ecofriendly products and solutions.

“The move to a green economy is a huge opportunity for us,” said Siemens President and CEO Peter Löscher at the company's press briefing in in Berlin today.

In his speech, Löscher called for an “environmental, industrial revolution”, adding: “Technological revolutions have always been our specialty. That’s why no one is better equipped to lead the green revolution than Siemens. As a green infrastructure giant, the company is a reliable, long-term partner worldwide due to its experience, technological expertise and solid financial position”.

The technologies in Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio already generate sales of roughly €19 billion, accounting for about one-quarter of the company’s total revenue.

In a time of economic crisis, Siemens says it is focusing more than ever on expanding its leading position in green technologies. Many of the recently enacted government stimulus programmes project increased investment in infrastructure and production system upgrades.

The G20 countries, for example, have called for some $430 billion in additional investment in more efficient and climate-friendly infrastructures under such programs in the years ahead. Against this backdrop, Löscher noted that Siemens as world leader in environmental technologies was already in an excellent position to generate additional business.

A key pillar of the company’s green portfolio is its Renewable Energy Division, which in the second quarter of fiscal 2009 achieved a 65-percent increase in new orders over the year-earlier quarter. This growth was largely due to major orders from the Danish power supplier DONG Energy for 500 offshore wind turbines as well as an order from Norway’s StatoilHydro and Statkraft utilities for 88 wind turbines to be installed at Britain’s Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm.

The acquisition of a stake in Italy’s Archimede Solar Energy is a first important step toward becoming the leading supplier of solutions for solar thermal power plants. Siemens is already the world’s leading supplier of steam turbines for solar thermal power plants. By combining the two companies’ technologies, the efficiency of solar thermal plants can be increased and the production costs for solar power further reduced.

In addition, Siemens is promoting targeted dialogue with its customers to further enhance its position. For example, in March the company published a study on the German city of Munich showcasing sustainable, energy-efficient infrastructure solutions for a nearly carbon-free future in large urban areas. Siemens is also currently cooperating with Russia’s Ministry of Energy on a project to achieve widespread improvements in energy efficiency in the city of Yekaterinburg.

In fiscal 2008, Siemens generated revenue of approximately €19 billion – nearly one-quarter of the company’s total revenue – with products and solutions from its Environmental Portfolio.

This extensive portfolio encompasses solutions in virtually all fields relating to energy generation, distribution and use – from applications in buildings and lighting to transportation and industry – as well as environmental technologies such as water purification and air pollution control. In fiscal 2008, the range of offerings was expanded primarily with selected components for wind farms.

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