Sustainability is good for boosting business, survey reveals

by Search Gate staff. Published Thu 04 Nov 2010 17:04
Business could profit with a focus on sustainability

Seven out of 10 business managers know their organisation’s reputation and “bottom-line” would be boosted by adopting sustainable measures. But two thirds (67%) struggle to balance the investment of carbon efficiency measures against investment in renewable technology, new research by leading energy company E.ON has found.

As a result, almost half (45%) of companies are looking for an end-to-end solution, and would prefer one energy company to advise, install and provide operation and maintenance support to meet their low carbon objectives.

Michael Woodhead, Managing Director of E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business, said: “Our findings come at a time when organisations should have now registered for the Government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

“It’s encouraging to see a strong interest in the environment from UK businesses but it’s also increasingly clear that they need support if they’re to adapt to the changes which are required to meet the UK’s carbon reduction targets.”

The study found that the CRC in particular has caused a large amount of uncertainty amongst businesses, with more than half of all respondents finding many of its detailed processes challenging, indeed 61% struggled with gathering carbon emissions data, while 55% found that training staff to observe energy efficient behaviours had been challenging.

“At E.ON, we offer organisations help at all stages of the CRC process, from carrying out energy audits to providing the tools and technologies that they need to reduce energy consumption and become energy fit. What’s more, we have created a business ‘toolkit’ which outlines how we can help facilities managers comply with a whole host of energy regulations, as well as find new ways to create additional revenue by generating their own electricity”, said Michael.

The research also revealed that facilities managers are eager to prove their “green” credentials in line with the CRC scheme, as more than half (55%) admitted they are motivated by the opportunity to beat their direct competitors in the scheme’s ranking system.

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