Majority of UK homeowners want to install renewable energy

by Search Gate staff. Published Fri 01 Apr 2017 00:01
UK homeowners urged not to go cold on solar

One year on from the launch of the UK’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT), new research reveals the majority of UK homeowners are open to solar technology and are aware of the positive benefits of the FIT payback scheme.

However, in light of Energy Minister Greg Barker’s announcement to cut the FIT for installations over 50kW, there is concern consumers could lose faith and potentially miss-out on the rewards available to them.

The Sharp Solar research surveyed over 1,000 homeowners across the UK on their views of solar PV and the FIT which came into force on 1st April 2010.

In less than a year, 62% are now aware of the benefits of the FIT and almost half (48%) are more likely to install solar panels because of the scheme. In addition, more than half of UK homeowners (56%) would install solar panels on their home – an endorsement of a very successful year.

Andrew Lee, head of international sales at Sharp Solar said: “Since the FIT was introduced it has been an unprecedented success for businesses, industry and consumers. The cuts announced by Greg Barker are counter-intuitive but we don’t want the political debate to overshadow a hugely successful year or reduce consumer confidence.

“The cuts do not affect homeowners at all and there is still a huge opportunity for UK consumers to benefit from the scheme – reducing their fuel costs and contributing to carbon reduction in the UK.”

Many people have already taken up the opportunity to install solar panels on their houses. Industry figures compiled by Ofgem show thousands of homeowners across the country have been taking advantage of the £900 per year average savings. Between April 2010 and March this year, there were 24,744 total installations registered to participate in the FIT - resulting in over £4.5m of repayment to consumers.

Pauline Wright, a homeowner from Lancashire said; “I installed solar panels in November 2009 and have since earned over £1,200 selling clean energy back to the grid in addition to cutting the cost of my fuel bills. The fact that the Government offered money to homeowners like me for producing energy was a great incentive to install panels when fuel bills just seem to be getting higher and higher.”

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Comments about Majority of UK homeowners want to install renewable energy

Add VPhase voltage optimisation into the mix and you lower the combined payback period for the solar PV installation.
Matt Cody, Chester around 2 years, 8 months ago
@WK Howat - The 12 years recoup you talk about doesn't take into account the FITs payments. Research a little more and you'll understand...
Shaun, Canterbury around 2 years, 8 months ago
Domestic solar panels take 10 to 12 years to recoup their cost. Householders move on average every 6 years. Why do it?
W K Howat, Cornwall around 2 years, 8 months ago

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