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Vestas announces sharp slump in Q2 profits
(Tue 18/08)
Wind turbine maker Vestas has reported a sharp drop in profits less than a week after it shut its two UK factories with the loss of 425 jobs.

Business turning back on green policies
(Tue 18/08)
Businesses are turning their backs on green policies, with over half claiming they are "no use" in the current economic climate.

AA says eco-driving will cut costs
(Wed 24/06)
The environmental arguments for adopting a greener approach to driving are backed up by economic fact, according to the President of the AA.

Tougher energy consumption rules for office equipment
(Thu 18/06)
Tougher energy consumption rules for office equipment

Transport group delivers its 20-year low carbon vision
(Wed 06/05)
New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) publishes its first report

Global study hails UK potential for small wind sector
(Fri 01/05)
UK manufacturing industry casts aside economic gloom to become world's largest exporter

Siemens intends to be global green leader
(Wed 29/04)
German engineering group announces massive eco investment plans

Less than 40% of FTSE 350 companies assess risk of climate change
(Fri 24/04)
UK plc needs to plug the gap in analysing climate change risk

Financial institutions fail to manage their ESG risks, global survey finds
(Tue 21/04)
Financial institutions fail to manage their ESG risks, global survey finds

Green IT fails to make an impact, according to research
(Wed 15/04)
Survey reveals woeful eco-return but the future is promising

Recycling group posts recession-beating results
(Thu 26/03)
Profits up and record order books as UK’s leading recycling products and service group Straight reports its annual figures

Future is bright for lighting
(Wed 25/03)
Light at end of tunnel as analysts predict slowdown in trend towards energy saving technologies

Environment slips down business agenda
(Tue 24/03)
Recession forces a third of companies to slash spending on reducing carbon footprint

Feed-in Tariff for UK energy market must be right FIT
(Tue 24/03)
Analysis of the Government's Feed-in Tariff models

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