Satellite snaps Iceland volcano's ash sweeping across Europe

by Search Gate staff. Published Sun 18 Apr 2010 19:31, Last updated: 2010-04-19
Belt of brown ash cloud now stretches into Germany

NASA's Terra satellite has captured another image of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano ash cloud, now moving into Germany.

The volcano Eyjafjallajökull continues to spew ash into the air and the ash clouds are still impacting air travel in Northern Europe.

NASA's Terra satellite flew over the volcano on April 16 at 10:45 UTC (6:45 a.m. EDT) and the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS instrument aboard Terra captured a visible image of Eyjafjallajökull's ash plume over England and the Netherlands, stretching into Germany.

Air travel into and out of northern Europe has either been grounded or diverted because volcanic ash particles pose a risk of damage to airplane engines.

NASA is currently working round-the-clock with other agencies on using satellite observations to aid in the detection and monitoring of aviation hazards caused by volcanic ash

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