UK second in G8 climate ratings as Canada hits bottom

by Published Thu 02 Jul 2009 16:10
The US has risen to leave Canada bottom of the G8 climate table

The latest G8 Climate Scorecard is topped by Germany with the UK in second place, while Canada falls to last behind the US.

The scorecard, released by the WWF and financial services company Allianz SE ahead of the L’Aquila, Italy G8 Summit next week, rates the eight nations’ green achievements out of 100. While Germany is the only country to have crept past the 50 percent mark, the report does acknowledge that the UK and France are also enacting successful policies to cut emissions. All three nations are expected to exceed their Kyoto obligations.

At the other end of the scale, environmental victories scored by the Obama administration has lifted the US off the bottom and meant the Canada’s high per capita emissions will soon surpass those of its neighbour. The report criticises Canada as one of the few developed countries in the world with fast-increasing emissions and no serious policies to control them.

Keith Stewart, WWF-Canada’s climate change campaign manager, admitted: “We emit more greenhouse gases than half the countries in the world put together. We have the resources – financially, intellectually, ecologically – to be leaders, and we’ve simply chosen not to... Canada is becoming increasingly isolated in clinging to the fossil economy while the rest of the world is moving on to green economy.”

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