Universities leading the way for Britain's electric vehicle future

by Search Gate staff. Published Wed 18 Jun 2014 16:58
Universities boast leadership with EV fleets

Universities are spearheading the roll-out of electric vehicle ownership, according to new research published today.

From all UK new vehicle registrations in 2013 only 0.11% composed of purely electric vehicles. However a freedom of information survey sent out to 116 universities across the UK shows that 7.73% of all university owned vehicles are purely electric powered.

This makes the average electric vehicle ownership amongst universities an impressive 7073% above the national average, according to the figures released by intelligentcarleasing.com.

Out of the 114 institutions which responded 58.77% owned at least 1 electric vehicle which is a very high adoption rate. Out of those who don't currently own any electric vehicles many noted their plans to invest in such technology in the near future. Therefore if this study was to be repeated in a year or two the results would potentially be much higher.

These results are great news for the academic sector showing that university asset and fleet managers are forward thinking and willing to invest in new green technology at an early stage of its popularity.

The top 10 universities in terms of electric vehicles as a % of their fleet from the information collected is:

1. Bucks New University - 66%

2. Edge Hill University - 50%

3. The University of East London - 45.50%

4. The University of Bedfordshire - 33%

5. Royal Holloway, University of London - 33%

6. The University of Sunderland - 27.78%

7. The University of Kent - 26%

8. The University of Dundee - 25%

9. The University of Greenwich - 25%

10. Leeds Trinity University - 25%

Researcher Pete McAllister, who conducted the survey, said "With a fast growing green energy sector in the UK electric vehicles are fast becoming an all-round low carbon driving option.

“It's brilliant to see such a high adoption rate amongst the UK's universities and hopefully this is a good indicator of the broader motoring picture in years to come."

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Comments about Universities leading the way for Britain's electric vehicle future

Dundee University also has a great charging network available to the general public and stand behind electric taxis in Dundee.
Erwin Oosterhoorn, Dundee around 1 week, 5 days ago

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