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UK oil use drops as renewable sector grows
(Fri 01/10)
The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released its quarterly energy statistics, which reveals a 5.3 per cent year-on-year fall in oil consumption and a big increase in the take-up of renewable sources of

NASA study reveals size of moon is shrinking
(Thu 19/08)
Newly discovered cliffs in the lunar crust indicate the moon shrank globally in the geologically recent past and might still be shrinking today, according to a team analysing new images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance

Nationwide study launched to link happiness with environment
(Tue 17/08)
Mappiness, an iPhone app mapping happiness across the UK, has been officially launched at the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE).

UK's freak weather set to delay autumn, say nature watchers
(Fri 13/08)
It seems this year’s late spring is having a knock on effect in delaying autumn timings, according to initial observations from the Woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar survey, which studies the timings of common sea

Survey reveals environmental damage of car washing
(Thu 12/08)
It's a typical Sunday morning chore, but over half of British motorists are unaware of the environmental harm of regularly hand washing their cars.

Pollution drops but study finds inaccurate industry reporting
(Wed 11/08)
A thick blanket of yellow haze hovering over Houston as a result of chemical pollution produced by manufacturing petroleum products may be getting a little bit thinner, according to a new study.

US survey reveals state-wide support for climate change action
(Wed 04/08)
Large majorities of the residents of Florida, Maine and Massachusetts believe the Earth has been getting warmer gradually over the last 100 years (81 percent, 78 percent and 84 percent, respectively), and large majoritie

Council posts 73% recycling rate to top the UK green league
(Wed 07/07)
The first full year of a new recycling and rubbish collection service for residents in South Oxfordshire has achieved a ‘simply stunning’ recycling and composting rate averaging around 70%, thought to be the best in

UK's freak weather continues with driest start to year for 80 years
(Wed 30/06)
The UK government has confirmed the country has experienced the driest first six months of any year since 1929.

Climate change catastrophe for migratory species, warns report
(Fri 25/06)
Migratory species such as turtles and whales are exceptionally vulnerable to climate change, according to preliminary findings from a forthcoming report.

Leading psychologist reveals best ways to beat blues by going green
(Tue 15/06)
Leading psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie has revealed the best ways of beating the blues by getting closer to nature.

World Cup energy demand could push UK grid to breaking point
(Thu 10/06)
England’s World Cup campaign in South Africa is set to put increasing strain on the nation’s already creaking power supply system.

Tougher targets needed to reduce ozone pollution, warns study
(Thu 10/06)
More than 20 years of policies in Europe to reduce emissions that contribute to the formation of ozone have successfully reduced short-term peak ozone levels, according to a new study conducted in central England.

UN report targets energy and farming in climate change fight
(Wed 02/06)
How the world is fed and fuelled will in large part define development in the 21st century as one that is increasingly sustainable or a dead end for billions of people, according to a UN report released today.

Icelandic volcanic activity could be triggered by thinning ice caps
(Thu 27/05)
The thinning of Iceland's ice caps could be influencing volcanic activity, according to new research.

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