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US tops global carbon footprint league table – UK comes 10th
(Mon 22/06)
US tops global carbon footprint league table – UK comes 10th

Rail industry says shorter trains are the answer
(Sat 30/05)
A rail industry manifesto published this week has called for off-peak trains to ditch some of their carriages in an effort to cut CO2 emissions and costs.

Bio-fuelled flights just a year away?
(Sat 30/05)
The full results of a test flight in which a commercial plane was flown on a combination of jet fuel and fruit-based biofuel have been made public.

Nobel Laureates call for urgent action on climate change
(Fri 29/05)
Nobel Laureates have called for urgent action for a low-carbon future.

Public believe rail network can replace air travel, reveals survey
(Wed 27/05)
Public believe faster trains can replace air travel, reveals survey

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Water to follow in carbon footprints
(Thu 21/05)
UK businesses are being encouraged to calculate and address their water footprint.

Climate change is the 21st century's biggest global health threat
(Thu 14/05)
Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century, a group of leading medical experts has warned.

Motor scrap scheme is a positive, says survey
(Sun 29/03)
Consumers are in favour of government plans to offer incentives on trading in old vehicles

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