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Lib Dems have “most ambitious” green manifesto, says study
(Mon 26/04)
The Liberal Democrats have the most ambitious green manifesto policies of the three main parties - but all parties must make climate a bigger election issue, an assessment by Friends of the Earth of the main political pa

Builders need to do more to promote energy-efficient housing
(Sat 24/04)
New EU-funded research from Finland has indicated that poor communication between producers of energy-efficient housing technologies and potential house-buyers is a major barrier to sustainable housing.

Satellite snaps Iceland volcano's ash sweeping across Europe
(Sun 18/04)
NASA's Terra satellite has captured another image of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano ash cloud, now moving into Germany.

Satellite pic reveals extent of ash cloud that's shut down UK airspace
(Thu 15/04)
This amazing satellite picture reveals the volcanic ash plume as it stretches from Iceland across the north of the UK and to northern Europe.

Direct marketing industry hits UK recycling goals
(Mon 05/04)
The direct marketing industry met the 2009 recycling target agreed by the Government and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) (UK) and is even ahead of the goal for 2013, a new report has confirmed.

Gulf states face crippling shortage of resources, report claims
(Tue 30/03)
The regional economic slowdown has temporarily reduced the risk of power cuts and water shortages, but the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states need to move fast to improve the management of power, water and food resour

Forum finds unique political unity on green agenda
(Mon 29/03)
The UK's spending plans on renewable energy and the modernising of the nation's energy infrastructure has created a unique common ground between all three major parties, according to the European Future Energy Forum.

At-a-glance: Low carbon details of today's UK Budget
(Wed 24/03)
Investment in low carbon technologies was at the heart of the Budget delivered by the Chancellor today.

Industry welcomes Tories' 12-point energy plan to green Britain
(Fri 19/03)
In the run up to the UK General Election, the Conservative Party has launched plans for the largest overhaul of British energy policy since the early 1980s.

Methane tsunami warning as frozen seabed starts breaking up
(Wed 17/03)
An international team of researchers has discovered a section of the Arctic Ocean seabed holding extensive stores of frozen methane is displaying signs of instability and widespread greenhouse gas leaks.

European call for green pharma framework
(Sun 14/03)
A recent report raises awareness of the impact of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Experts from science, industry and the state sector have drawn up a series of proposals for actions that need to be taken at the Europ

Project launched to study home energy efficiency
(Mon 15/02)
Home energy management firm PassivSystems is to lead an innovative study into residential energy technologies, launched by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

Co-op stores flunk in freezer greenhouse gas league
(Mon 01/02)
The Co-operative Group’s green and ethical credentials have been called into question in a new survey examining the impact of supermarket fridges and freezers on global warming.

Business car fleets continue to slash emissions
(Sat 30/01)
Britain’s business car fleets continued to make progress in reducing their carbon emissions last year, according to the latest figures from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

Garden lawns can damage the environment, says study
(Tue 19/01)
Dispelling the notion that urban “green” spaces help counteract greenhouse gas emissions, new research has found that total emissions would be lower if lawns did not exist.

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