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‘Noughties’ confirmed as the warmest decade on record
(Tue 08/12)
The first decade of this century has been by far the warmest decade on the instrumental record according to the UK Government's Met Office.

The end of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon?
(Thu 03/12)
The combined efforts of government commitments and market transition could save forest and reduce carbon emissions in Brazil, according to a new article in the latest issue of Science.

Blair’s climate man should have been handed two-year ban
(Thu 03/12)
Tony Blair’s former climate adviser now runs one of the world’s biggest lobby groups, whose membership includes energy giants BP, Shell and E.ON according to Channel 4 News Who Knows Who.

Gulf States' carbon cuts will come from projects not people
(Tue 01/12)
Large-scale sustainable energy projects are more likely to be successful at cutting carbon emissions in the Gulf States than initiatives aimed at consumers and businesses according to a new report published by the London

Big freeze plunged Europe into ice age in months, finds study
(Mon 30/11)
In the film, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ the world enters the icy grip of a new glacial period within the space of just a few weeks. Now new research shows that this scenario may not be so far from the truth after all.

The Commonwealth Climate Change Declaration - text in full
(Sun 29/11)
Port of Spain Climate Change Consensus: The Commonwealth Climate Change Declaration

Living buildings could mop up carbon dioxide
(Thu 26/11)
Architecture could help us tackle climate change, if we start to design our buildings with ‘living’ materials, says Dr Rachel Armstrong, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture.

Oceans absorbing CO2 more slowly, finds milestone study
(Tue 24/11)
The world’s oceans are absorbing less carbon dioxide, a Yale geophysicist has found after pooling data taken over the past 50 years.

Europe's first greenhouse gas balance figures published
(Mon 23/11)
Researchers from 17 European countries cooperating in the EU-Integrated Project CarboEurope have compiled the first comprehensive greenhouse gas balance of Europe.

Government unveils new CO2 ad campaign
(Mon 23/11)
The latest phase in the Act on CO2 campaign has been unveiled and includes huge billboard adverts appearing in over 900 locations across England depicting typical British seasons that could soon look very different becau

Oceans' uptake of man-made carbon is slowing down
(Thu 19/11)
The oceans play a key role in regulating climate, absorbing more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans put into the air. Now, the first year-by-year accounting of this mechanism during the industrial era sugge

Women central to efforts to tackle climate change
(Wed 18/11)
Women bear the disproportionate burden of climate change, but have so far been largely overlooked in the debate about how to address problems of rising seas, droughts, melting glaciers and extreme weather, according to a

New climate treaty could put species at risk, says study
(Mon 16/11)
Plans to be discussed at the forthcoming UN climate conference in Copenhagen to cut deforestation in developing countries could save some species from extinction but inadvertently increase the risk to others, scientists

The green push for sustainable food production
(Thu 12/11)
We don't need to go vegetarian to feed a booming world population and save the planet from climate change and forest destruction - and can produce enough food for everyone without factory farming, new research from Frie

Incentives the key to boost recycling, says industry group
(Tue 10/11)
Momentum is building behind household waste recycling, according to RecycleBank and a recent report issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

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