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Met Office warns polar ice melt is passing “tipping point”
(Tue 20/10)
Scientists at the UK Met Office have warned global warming could melt the vast Greenland ice sheet beyond ‘tipping points’ from which it would only partially recover even if global carbon dioxide concentrations retur

Global warming set to continue, warns UK Met Office
(Mon 14/09)
Global warming continues to pose a real threat that should not be ignored

Australia overtakes USA as world's top polluter
(Wed 09/09)
Australia worst for per-capita energy consumption.

EU-15 countries cut greenhouse gases by 1.3 percent
(Tue 01/09)
The 15 countries in the EU before expansion cut emissions by 1.3 percent in 2008, new figures released today reveal.

Offshore wind farm capacity to grow annually by a third
(Sun 23/08)
Offshore wind farms could power 37 million homes by 2020.

US leads the world in wind power
(Wed 12/08)
A new report reveals the US has the fastest-growing wind power market in the world for the fourth consecutive year.

Going back in time to create zero-carbon homes
(Wed 05/08)
The answer to creating a zero-carbon modern home could be found in an energy-inefficient 1930s house.

Green sky thinking to promote the development of sustainable bio-jet fuels
(Wed 22/07)
Green sky thinking to promote the development of sustainable bio-jet fuels.

UK to miss renewables targets by two-thirds, says report
(Tue 21/07)
The UK is not doing enough to meet its renewable energy targets, according to a new report.

Carbon trading is vital to tackle climate change, says PM report
(Mon 20/07)
A global carbon trading system is essential in the fight against climate change, says a report commissioned by Gordon Brown.

UK leading way on housing emission targets, says global report
(Fri 17/07)
The UK has one of the most ambitious zero carbon emissions targets in the world and is on course to reach 2017 targets, according to a report published today.

No obstacles to wind energy, says major new report
(Thu 09/07)
The UK's energy system is already capable and equipped to distribute large amounts of wind power, according to a new report released today by a leading energy expert.

UK second in G8 climate ratings as Canada hits bottom
(Thu 02/07)
The latest G8 Climate Scorecard is topped by Germany with the UK in second place, while Canada falls to last behind the US.

US tops global carbon footprint league table – UK comes 10th
(Mon 22/06)
US tops global carbon footprint league table – UK comes 10th

Rail industry says shorter trains are the answer
(Sat 30/05)
A rail industry manifesto published this week has called for off-peak trains to ditch some of their carriages in an effort to cut CO2 emissions and costs.

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