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NASA study highlights key measures to slow pace of global warming
(Thu 12/01)
A new NASA study has highlighted a series of key air pollution control measures that could slow the pace of global warming, improve health and boost agricultural production.

List of natural disasters and extreme weather makes 2017 the worst on record
(Wed 11/01)
A sequence of devastating earthquakes and a large number of weather-related catastrophes made 2017 the costliest year ever in terms of natural catastrophe losses.

Does Hyacinth the cow hold the key to a more sustainable future?
(Tue 10/01)
A cow named Hyacinth is leading a campaign to ‘green’ a city by disposing of all its food waste by anaerobic digestion at Europe's first combined low-carbon energy centre and manufacturing farm.

Warming Arctic is decimating Harp Seal populations, study finds
(Mon 09/01)
Scientists from Duke University and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have conducted a study of the harp seal in northern Canada

Stormy start to the year helps UK wind farms double energy output
(Fri 06/01)
The UK's recent gales have helped wind farm operators nationwide to more than double their average output, according to analysis released today by Scottish Renewables.

Met Office predicts 2015 will be one of the hottest in more than 150 years
(Wed 04/01)
A new Met Office study has forecast that the next 12 months will be in the top 10 of the hottest years on record.

UK slumps to third-bottom of European renewable energy league
(Mon 02/01)
The UK is languishing third-bottom of the European renewable energy league, published today.

Scotland falls short on air pollution targets for second year running
(Wed 28/12)
Scotland has failed to meet European targets to curb air pollution for the second year in a row – mainly as a result of traffic fumes, according to provisional data released this week.

Scathing Commons' report blasts Government over Feed-in Tariff cuts
(Thu 22/12)
A damning new report by MPs on two influential select committees has criticised the Government's handling of cuts to the Feed-in Tariff scheme and described the “fatal impact” the plans have had on the UK solar indu

Homes account for a quarter of European greenhouse emissions from energy
(Sun 18/12)
Home energy use is responsible overall for 25% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU), according to a new analysis from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

After 40-year decrease, figures show rise in UK acid rain pollution
(Thu 15/12)
The UK Government has revealed a year-on-year increase in the amount of sulphur dioxide emissions, which reverses a 40-year downward trend.

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Scotland faces £11 billion bill to achieve its carbon reduction targets
(Sun 11/12)
Scotland may have to spend up to £11 billion to achieve its ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the country's Auditor General

Solar sector anger as Feed-in Tariff cuts create consumer confusion
(Fri 09/12)
Almost three-quarters (71%) of British homeowners with their own roof say they do not know how much the feed in tariff (FIT) actually costs an average household, according to a new consumer survey.

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Solar power can now be produced for less than $1 a watt, study finds
(Wed 07/12)
Solar PV energy can now be produced for less than $1 a watt although the public is being kept in the dark about its true viability, according to a new study by Queen’s University.

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Toxic pit could hold the unlikely key to blockbuster drug discoveries
(Tue 06/12)
“To go to Berkeley Pit Lake, you have to complete a 40-hour Hazmat program—and that’s just to stand next to the water,” advises Andrea Stierle, a research professor at the University of Montana-Missoula, who bega

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