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Global warming continues as greenhouse gas levels reach record high, WMO says
(Tue 29/11)
The Earth's surface is continuing to get warmer as the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases reach record highs, according to the annual briefing of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Europe's renewable energy capacity to increase 17-fold this decade
(Mon 28/11)
Offshore wind energy capacity in Europe is projected to increase 17-fold between 2010 and 2020, while newer renewable technologies such as concentrated solar power and tide and wave power will also increase more than 11-

Study dampens global warming fears linked to CO2 increases
(Sun 27/11)
The rate of global warming from doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be less than the most dire estimates of some previous studies, new research suggests.

2m lives can be saved with simple pollution action, UN report says
(Fri 25/11)
More than two million lives can be saved each year by implementing the cost-effective measures presented in a United Nations report released today, which would help reduce black carbon, methane and ozone emissions.

Earthquakes as well as climate change responsible for sea-level rise
(Fri 25/11)
Satellite data from the Torres Islands in the southwest Pacific suggest that rising sea-levels in the region widely attributed to climate change is also partly caused by sinking of the islands following earthquakes in th

NASA releases first-ever detailed contour map of the moon
(Fri 18/11)
A painstaking study of the surface of the moon has helped scientists create the first-ever detailed map of the topography of the moon.

IPCC report warns risks from extreme weather events to increase
(Fri 18/11)
Future heat waves are likely to get even hotter and more frequent and heavier rainfall will trigger more floods as global temperatures increase, UN scientists warned today.

NASA use satellites to help sustain a global population of 7 billion
(Thu 17/11)
With seven billion people now living on Earth, the expanding demand for resources is exerting unprecedented pressure on global resources, especially forests, water and food. NASA and the US Geological Survey are using sa

Nottingham tops UK city list to benefit from smart meter roll-out
(Tue 15/11)
Nottingham is the UK's number one smart meter city based on a study that rates the technology's potential to help consumers reduce electricity and household bills.

US reliance on fossil fuels increases as energy use rises again
(Wed 09/11)
American energy use went back up in 2010 compared to 2009, when consumption was at a 12-year low, according to new research.

International Energy Agency warns of a high-carbon energy future
(Wed 09/11)
Without a bold change of policy direction, the world will lock itself into an insecure, inefficient and high-carbon energy system, the International Energy Agency warned as it launched the 2017 edition of the World Energ

UK report blames fracking for series of earthquakes and tremors
(Wed 02/11)
The UK Government is threatening to call a halt to controversial gas drilling after independent geology reports confirmed a series of earthquakes was linked to shale gas extraction.

World may fall short on global temperature targets, study warns
(Thu 27/10)
Climate scientists say the world’s target to stay below a global warming of 2 degrees, made at the United Nations conference in Copenhagen in 2009 and Cancun 2010, will require decisive action this decade if the goal i

Renewable energy boost with a greater focus on 'demand response'
(Wed 26/10)
Greater 'demand response' is needed to improve the flexibility and resilience of electricity grids and help boost the environmental impact, according to a new report.

Calcutta leads world city list most at risk from climate change
(Wed 26/10)
A major new mapping study, analysing climate change vulnerability down to 25km² worldwide, has revealed some of the world’s fastest growing populations are increasingly at risk from the impacts of climate related natu

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