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“Sustainable Government, sustainable economy,” Osborne's speech in full

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne today made a series of policy announcements on how a Conservative Treasury would tackle climate change and stimulate investment in new green technologies and jobs.

“Sustainable Government, sustainable economy,” Osborne's speech in full

“Low carbon is the future for UK motor industry,” says Lord Mandelson
(Tue 24/11)
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has reaffirmed his vision for the UK developing a world-leading low-carbon motor industry. ... Read more

Ed Miliband's Ralph Miliband Lecture: 'The Politics of Climate Change'
(Sat 21/11)
Climate Change minister delivers his thoughts on Copenhagen, the challenges ahead and getting past the "politics of now"... Read more

Blueprint for global collaboration on clean energy
(Thu 19/11)
The concept of Climate Innovation Centres can greatly help developing countries meet the development, climate and energy challenges they face, researchers from the UK's Carbon Trust and the Indian Institute of Technolog... Read more

Cameron aims to create a green consumer revolution
(Sun 18/10)
Conservative party leader David Cameron has outlined five approaches he believes will underpin the creation of a Green Consumer Revolution.... Read more