Plastic bottle sculpture unveiled to highlight UK waste

by Search Gate staff. Published Fri 12 Aug 2017 15:02
The Bottle Family sculpture unveiled this week

A sculpture made entirely from plastic bottles has been unveiled on the banks of London's River Thames to highlight the importance of reducing waste.

The Bottle Family is made up of over 827 plastic bottles, and has been created to demonstrate the large amount of plastic carbonated soft drink bottles that the average British family will use in one year.

The striking sculpture was designed and created by artist Bamber Hawes and aims to educate consumers on the benefits of ‘precycling’ - the practice of trying to reduce waste before recycling is necessary in the first place.

Creating The Bottle Family was no mean feat – being made up of 827 different plastic bottles it took approximately 400 hours to complete and involved a team of five in order to complete the top of the 10 foot father’s head.

Artist Bamber Hawes, said: “This has been a fantastic project to work on, not only due to the scale of the sculpture but also as I’m passionate about the messaging behind the installation. The Bottle Family, is an in-your-face visual of the amount of carbonated soft drink bottle waste generated by the average British family of four each year.

“I was shocked to hear, and now to see just how many carbonated soft drink bottles are wasted each year and hope this will get people thinking about their own bottle waste.”

Research commissioned by SodaStream reveals that the nation hugely underestimates the amount of bottle waste they generate; with almost half of all adults believing that their family uses between 1-5 bottles a week when the actual figure is over double that.

Fiona Hope, Managing Director of SodaStream UK said: “Environmental conscious-ness has certainly strengthened over the years but plastic is still very much a part of our everyday lives and sometimes it is hard to truly grasp how much waste we create. We hope this creation will enable people to see the extent of the issue and consider alternatives to pre-bottled carbonated soft drinks.”

On average only 100 out of every 500 plastic bottle used by an average family will be recycled, this means 80% of pre-packaged plastic bottles will end up in landfill. One SodaStream can dramatically reduce your bottle waste.

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