Microsoft summit aims to support a low carbon future

by Published Mon 13 Jul 2009 19:03
Microsoft summit to support low carbon future
Microsoft summit to support low carbon future

Microsoft is meeting with the worlds leading academics to talk over ways to solve environmental and energy problems.

The Microsoft's tenth annual Research Faculty Summit 2009 is being staged this week for the company’s researchers to join the world’s leading experts on fields including oceanography, ecology, genetics and the interaction of the earth's atmosphere with nature's carbon dioxide-absorbing vegetation and mankind's carbon-spewing energy and transportation systems.

Every year over 400 leading academics and government officials from around the world join Microsoft researchers to discuss their research. This year the summit is focusing on energy sustainability and addressing climate change.

Dan Fay, director of earth, energy and environment research at Microsoft said: "We don't want these scientists to have to become computer scientists. If Microsoft can give them tools to improve their work, more the better, both for the course of science and Microsoft's potential new product line.”

Microsoft is not launching any new products ahead of the summit but is looking to adapt new uses for existing technology.

For example, Microsoft's technology is being used in projects by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to study the hydrology of the Russian River and to synthesize data from sensors around the world to measure the "carbon flux" in the atmosphere.

Over the course of the two days, several experts will deliver seminars about topics such as protecting the oceans resources and how technology can help to protect ecosystems. The summit will investigate how computing technologies can best help scientists make progress in these areas.

Rick Rashid, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Research, said: “Our labs are unique among corporate research facilities, balancing an open academic model with an effective process for transferring technological advancements to product development. We work with researchers around the world to identify the challenges before us, share our findings, and continually explore possibilities for the future of computing.”

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