UK Water Saving Week 17th-23rd July

by Stephen Hurrell. Published Fri 17 Jul 2009 11:48, Last updated: 2009-07-17
The campaign is to focus on saving water

The first ever UK Water Saving Week has been launched today, aiming to raise awareness of water waste.

A website has been created to help businesses, homeowners and tenants find practical tips, advice and information on water saving.

Water Saving Week was established by Shawn Coles, Managing Director of Carbon Neutral Media, in response to rising water prices and UK water resources becoming stretched.

The increasing population and effects of climate change have put some parts of the UK under extreme pressure. The South East has less rainfall per head of population than parts of the Middle East and Africa; for example, Sudan.

And the problem is not restricted to the South East - 16 of the 22 water regions in England are classified as water stressed according to the Environment Agency, 10 of them referred to as serious. Overall, the UK has less water available per person than any other EU country apart from Belgium and Cyprus.

Several organisations have thrown their support behind the campaign, including the Water Industry Commission for Scotland. Chief Executive Alan Sutherland said: “Reducing consumption of water is a priority for anyone who is concerned about their impact on the environment.

“Water Saving Week 2009 (17th-23rd July) is an excellent opportunity for households and businesses alike to consider their water consumption and how best to reduce it, through sensible and sustainable measures.”

Tim Farron MP, Defra shadow secretary of state, also gave his backing to the campaign. He said: “I am really happy to be supporting Water Saving Week; too often we take water for granted in our country, I hope that this week causes us to wake up and seriously consider how we can save this precious commodity.”

For more information, visit the website at

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