Dame Ellen MacArthur to speak at climate conference

by Stephen Hurrell. Published Fri 31 Jul 2009 10:25, Last updated: 2009-07-31
MacArthur is a renown solo yachtswoman

Dame Ellen MacArthur will speak at a climate change conference later this year.

The celebrity yachtswoman will deliver a keynotes speech to the Creating the Greenest County conference on Friday 2nd October at Trinity Park, Ipswich.

As part of the 'Act on Climate Change – Adapt for our Future' event, MacArthur will be advising businesses on how they can better manage resources.

MacArthur broke the world record for fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe on 7th February 2005 and holds the world record for a transatlantic crossing by a woman. She is no stranger to making the most of limited resources.

“Through my experiences at sea I learnt to manage the resources on board really carefully, right down to the last drop of fuel or water; if you run out, there is no way you can stop for more,” she explained.

Speaking about the need for businesses to be more careful with finite resources, she said: “On the boat everything runs on batteries so I am very aware of the energy I use but when it’s available at the flick of a switch, it’s all too easy to take it for granted. Many resources we use at home and in our working lives are not easily replenished. Once they are gone, that’s it.

“The effect of this is irreversible and the way we manage our finite resources today will define the way others live their lives tomorrow.”

Issues such as an action plan for climate change in Suffolk, reducing emissions and the launch of the Greenest County Awards will be discussed at the conference.

Dafydd Evans, Environment Agency Area Manager, who will be chairing the conference, said: "There is overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is happening, and is by far the single greatest threat now facing us. Our challenge is to make action on climate change into a normal, everyday behaviour for everyone."

The event will be sponsored by Suffolk County Council and BT. The Environment Agency will have a stand at the event.

Earlier this month, the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership produced a Climate Action Plan to offer guidance on climate issues to public and private companies across the county.

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