Switch Off programme lands at Stansted Airport

by Search Gate staff. Published Thu 03 Dec 2009 20:22
Air Berlin's Ulrika Schmitt (seated) tests how fuel efficient her driving skills are on the Energy S

Switch off! is the message from Stansted Airport this week as it rolls out a new energy awareness campaign to encourage all airport staff to save power and reduce emissions.

The initiative forms part of Stansted's Energy Management Plan to reduce CO2 emissions from airport buildings and infrastructure by 30% by 2020, compared to 1990 levels.

"This new campaign is just one of a number of initiatives aimed at driving down the use of electricity to reduce CO2 emissions and costs at Stansted, and we hope staff will also identify savings they can make in their own homes to help drive down rising energy bills," said the airport's Environment Compliance Manager, Kathy Morrissey.

"Other initiatives at Stansted include installation of a biomass boiler from which we've seen a 75% saving on gas consumption in the terminal building*; use of movement sensors in office areas to turn lights off when areas aren't in use and a move to introduce low energy lighting across the airfield.

"We're proud to hold ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management and with around 11,000 people working at Stansted, we hope our simple message 'don't stand-by, switch off' will prompt workers to change their habits and switch off electrical items not in use. Turning the photo-copier off overnight is a 5 second task that saves more than 12 hours of wasted energy. A small contribution that can make a huge difference."

A number of the airport's business partners including Schneider Electric, Veolia, EDF Energy and LC Energy are supporting our campaign providing prizes and giveaways to encourage people to come along.

Both the Carbon Trust and Energy Saving Trust will also be on hand providing expert advice on business and home energy efficiency respectively. Staff can also test how fuel efficient their driving skills are on the Energy Saving Trust's driving simulator.

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just completed engineering design survey at major regional airport, our system capable of recovering all hot water needs from aircon waste
david haughton, peterborough around 3 years, 9 months ago

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