Five boom industries to watch in 2015

by Search Gate staff. Published Wed 10 Dec 2014 13:49
Picking the right industry for your career

When searching for a job, it can pay to go into an industry that's set to grow. Whether you're searching on or are visiting businesses with your CV, here are some industries to watch.

Alternative finance

We've seen a huge increase in the amount of pay day lenders out there but that's not the only kind of finance that's growing. We're coming out of a recession so more and more people are trying to start businesses – not to mention people trying to pay off debts – and to do so they often need money. Crowdfunding platforms are popping up everywhere and the more established ones are growing every day.

In 2014, 1.4bn was loaned via alternative finance and a report by the University of Cambridge says this is going to rise to around 4.4bn in 2015.

If you're looking for a job then this might be the route to go down. Alternative finance companies are growing rapidly and will continue to do so - meaning now is a good chance to get your CV in with those companies.

Green and sustainable construction

The call for sustainable construction is growing with more and more people wanting to live in greener homes. If you work in construction or a similar field, it might be worth applying to agencies and businesses with this as their speciality. Not only will you be going into a growth sector but they're more likely to have jobs available, even if it's only on a contract basis.

Hot sauces

This might seem like a strange one but our palates are becoming so diverse that we, as consumers, are always on the look out for more flavour. There might not be many hot sauce start ups in your area but look to other food manufacturers or, if you're in marketing, look for agencies who specialise in food retail or the hospitality industry.

Game development

This is a huge growth area especially when it comes to social network gaming and apps. This is great news if you want to break into the gaming market. You'll need some knowledge of programming and how a game gets developed but this could be a great chance to learn while on the job as development studios are often eager to take on trainees.

If you have a bit more experience in this sector then you should consider building your own game. You don't necessarily need to stop your job search but while you're unemployed, spend some time brainstorming and working on a game that gets you excited. Even if the game doesn't get anywhere, it can make an impressive portfolio piece that shows you're willing to work hard.

Pilates and yoga studios

Health is important to all of us and we're embracing forms of exercise that promote the well being of both mind and body. This industry has been growing for the last ten years but it's still set to continue into 2015 and beyond.

If you want to work in the health industry then you should start at larger studios and gyms, there's also the possibility of forming your own studio or taking a job as an instructor if you have the relevant qualifications.

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