New online tool for budding builders looking for career in sustainability sector

by Search Gate staff. Published Wed 18 Feb 2015 14:49
New Jewson Tool Shed aims to inspire youngsters to look at a career in sustainability sector

Jewson Tools, the online tools branch of Jewson, has published the Jewson Tool Shed, which aims to help, guide and inspire school leavers and college students into choosing a career in the construction and sustainability sectors.

As well as providing 16-24 year olds with information about the future of construction and sustainability, the site provides school, college and university leavers with key information around what exactly is needed to get a job within the sectors; from skills needed to be a plumber, to qualifications required for structural engineers.

Although many people presume that there are only two ways into the industries, either via university or apprenticeships, Jewson Tools are attempting to highlight the many different ways that people can end up in rewarding careers, both in construction and sustainability.

For example, by interviewing James Wilcox, the sustainability manager of strategic projects and Intersave, it was shown that Mr Wilcox initially approached sustainability with an interest in graphic design and architecture; finding his way into the industry via free work experience and a Diploma course in construction during college.

Jane Wilson, content manger of the Jewson Tool Shed, commented: “With the construction and sustainability industries being so closely tied to the UK economy, it is important to make young people aware of just how rewarding both sectors can be.

“As we approach an ever aging workforce, it is important that key skills by experienced hands are replaced and encouraged at every possible opportunity, which is why we set up the Tool Shed.”

Throughout the course of the next year, Jewson Tools is set to expand the resource by approaching colleges and schools in order to show and encourage young minds into worthwhile interests out of the usual popular subjects.

Earlier this month, John Tutte, Chief executive of house builder Redrow, said that, “there is no question that we are facing a skills shortage in the sector.”

He added: “We can’t get away from the fact that we have an ageing workforce, lack of broad investment in education and vocational training, as well as a cultural hangover.”

It is estimated by the Town and Country Planning Association that 240,000 houses a year need to be built, but by September of last year, only 117,000 faced completion. Mark Farmer, head of development at building consultancy EC Harris spoke last year to the Financial Times, stating that there was simply “not enough out there” to meet the demand for new houses.

This week, Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that unemployed young people should be required to commit to community work and work experience while claiming job seekers allowance.

With this plan set to effect roughly 50,000 18 to 21-year-olds, it goes to highlight just how many people could be encouraged into construction and sustainability.

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