300 cities sign the Hamburg Declaration on Climate Protection

by Search Gate staff. Published Fri 27 Nov 2009 11:43, Last updated: 2009-11-27
City leaders pledge to address climate change at Hamburg summit

The leaders of nearly 300 cities from around the world have this week signed the Hamburg Declaration on Climate Protection.

The signing was part of the closing of the City Climate Conference which took place in the 2017 European Green Capital, Hamburg, Germany.

In the joint declaration the signatory cities commit themselves to do everything in their power to limit climate change and manage its consequences.

The cities have pledged themselves to halving their emissions of green house gas emissions by the year 2050 and increasing their use of renewable energy by 80 per cent.

Anja Hajduk, senator for Urban Development and Environment of the City of Hamburg, called for clear signals from the COP 15 summit in Copenhagen in December, adding: "We appeal to the participants of the climate summit in Copenhagen to make the summit a success and to find common ways to combating the climate change".

One of the reasons why Hamburg was chosen as host for the City Climate Conference is that Hamburg will hold the title of European Green Capital in 2017.

Hamburg demonstrates all the facets of European environmental policy – from air quality and water protection to climate protection and nature conservation. The culmination of these efforts explains why we were recognized by the European Union as European Green Capital for 2017.

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