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Global finance chiefs support low carbon economy
(Sat 30/01)
CEOs from some of the world’s leading global financial institutions met with their industry and clients in Davos last week to stress their role in unlocking a low carbon economy and the business benefits this will brin

World nations to announce carbon targets by end of month
(Wed 13/01)
Countries are to come forward with their national 2020 carbon reduction targets by January 31, under agreements made in the Copenhagen Accord.

Green Touch launched to make ICT 1,000 times more energy efficient
(Wed 13/01)
The world has taken a big step closer to a green and more sustainable communications future with the launch of Green Touch, a global consortium organized by Bell Labs whose goal is to create the technologies needed to ma

Donald Trump wins first round of court battle with 85-yr-old widow
(Wed 06/01)
A Scottish court has today thrown out a legal bid by 85-year-old Molly Forbes to block Donald Trump's plans to develop a luxury golf resort.

Airline censored by ad watchdog for making false eco claims
(Wed 06/01)
An airline has been censored by the UK advertising watchdog for making claims it was “eco-smart” for passengers to fly with them.

Tobacco is most efficient biofuel of all crops, finds study
(Thu 31/12)
Scientists have discovered a way to transform tobacco leaves into the most efficient biofuel of all agricultural crops.

Number of EU cities signed up to a sustainable future reaches 1000
(Tue 08/12)
The European Commission has announced that the number of signatories to the Covenant of Mayors on sustainable energy has now reached 1000.

Copenhagen is named greenest city in Europe
(Tue 08/12)
Copenhagen is the "greenest" major city in Europe, followed by Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna, and Amsterdam, according to a unique study of the environmental sustainability of 30 major cities in 30 European countries that Si

Accountants must take charge of corporate climate change plans
(Tue 08/12)
Accountants around the world must start taking ownership of their organisations’ climate change initiatives as they may ultimately be held accountable for the relevant targets.

Vestas gets £10m of Govt cash just months after closing plant
(Mon 07/12)
Troubled wind turbine maker Vestas is to pocket £10 million of UK public sector handouts to develop its Isle of Wight factory – just months after it was shut and its workforce laid off.

UK's richest man could make more than £1bn from carbon trading scheme
(Mon 07/12)
New analysis released by climate change NGO Sandbag has revealed that the UK’s richest resident, Lakshmi Mittal, CEO and major shareholder of the steel giant ArcelorMittal, could make over £1 billion between now and 2

Scientists find a greener way to get electricity from natural gas
(Thu 03/12)
A new type of natural-gas electric power plant proposed by MIT researchers could provide electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, at costs comparable to or less than conventional natural-gas plan

Solar Energy firm receives Carbon Trust cash boost
(Thu 03/12)
Fast growing UK developer of solar energy technology, Whitfield Solar, received further investment from Carbon Trust Investments to enable it to expand its workforce and build on existing commercial success in Spain.

UK Govt calls for all global tariffs on green goods to be scrapped
(Tue 01/12)
Tariffs should be scrapped for 'green goods' like solar powered stoves, water saving showers and wind turbine parts, UK Government Minister Gareth Thomas has argued.

Return of the ozone hole... but now as a global-warming shield
(Tue 01/12)
The first comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate and its relationship to the global climate system is to be released this week by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

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