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Pan-European waste agency proposed to boost recycling and avoid landfill
(Mon 23/11)
The European Commission is proposing setting up a waste agency to boost recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Unlikeliest eco-warrior as 85-yr-old Scottish widow takes on Donald Trump
(Mon 23/11)
The might of the Trump Corporation is being challenged by a Scottish pensioner who is refusing to be evicted from her home to make way for a luxury golf course development.

Breakthrough science produces eco-plastic without fossil fuels
(Mon 23/11)
A team of pioneering scientists have succeeded in producing the polymers used for everyday plastics through bioengineering, rather than through the use of fossil fuel based chemicals.

Europe forces public sector to green existing buildings to “near-zero” by 2018
(Fri 20/11)
All buildings in Europe built after 2020 must have high energy-saving standards and be powered to a large extent by renewable energy.

Scientists develop new method of harnessing waste heat
(Thu 19/11)
New research points the way to a technology that might make it possible to harvest much of the wasted heat produced by everything from computer processor chips to car engines to electric powerplants, and turn it into usa

“US and China disappoint world” says European chief
(Wed 18/11)
"The biggest polluters turn out to become the biggest failures for climate protection", claims European Parliament Environment Committee Chair Jo Leinen.

Fossil fuel CO2 emissions up by 29% since 2000
(Tue 17/11)
The strongest evidence yet that the rise in atmospheric CO2 emissions continues to outstrip the ability of the world's natural 'sinks' to absorb carbon is published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Healthcare accounts for 8 percent of US carbon footprint
(Thu 12/11)
The American healthcare sector accounts for nearly a tenth of the country's carbon dioxide emissions, according to a first-of-its-kind calculation of health care's carbon footprint.

Public register to log industrial emissions across Europe
(Tue 10/11)
The European Commission and the European Environment Agency have launched a comprehensive new European pollutant release and transfer register – E-PRTR.

Climate change will lead to barren deserts
(Mon 09/11)
As the climate gets warmer, arid soils lose nitrogen as gas, reports a new Cornell study. That could lead to deserts with even less plant life than they sustain today, say the researchers.

EU leaders threaten to “kill off” last hopes of a global climate deal
(Mon 02/11)
EU leaders are threatening to ‘kill off’ any remaining hope of a good global deal to combat climate change, Christian Aid campaigners have warned.

EC targets white van man with CO2 emission limits
(Thu 29/10)
The European Commission has proposed legislation to reduce the average CO2 emissions of vans to 175 grams per kilometre.

EU launches search for European Green Capitals 2015 and 13
(Mon 26/10)
The search has begun to find the cities that will become the next European Green Capitals. The prestigious European Green Capital Award recognises cities that are at the forefront of environmentally-friendly urban living

“Serious” accounting error leads to global carbon blunder
(Thu 22/10)
A fixable error in the way carbon is counted in current US climate legislation and in the Kyoto Protocol could undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using biofuels, says a premier group of national envi

Roof tiles change colour to combat climate change
(Tue 20/10)
Researchers have found a firm fix to turn back the effects of climate change by using slabs of hair gel instead of roof tiles.

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