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UN Secretary-General visits melting Arctic ice
(Thu 03/09)
The UN Secretary-General has delivered an urgent climate message to the world while standing on rapidly melting icecaps.

Pacific garbage patch study shows alarming results
(Fri 28/08)
Scientists have completed an expedition to study the ‘Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch’ with alarming results.

Search Gate World News
(Thu 27/08)
A brief round-up of environmental news from around the globe.

President Obama's grandmother installs solar panels
(Mon 24/08)
US President Barack Obama’s grandmother has installed solar panels on the roof of her house in Kenya as part of a 20-day workshop aiming to increase renewable energy production in the African country.

Eco-rocket blasts off
(Mon 24/08)
Environmentally friendly fuel could save the planet, but now scientists have created an eco rocket fuel that could allow us to leave the planet entirely.

Climate change could push millions into poverty, claims study
(Thu 20/08)
People living in urban areas in developing countries could be driven into poverty by climate change, a new study has shown.

Freshwater stewardship standards scheme introduced
(Wed 19/08)
The world’s largest water protection organisations have joined together to create a global standard for freshwater stewardship.

Indian PM warns of 'alarming situation' despite World Record
(Wed 19/08)
Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has today warned of the ‘alarming situation’ facing the country as it looks to tackle environmental issues.

Antarctic glacier could disappear in 100 years
(Mon 17/08)
Warmer ocean temperatures could cause one of the largest glaciers in the Antarctic to melt within 100 years, raising global sea levels by 25cm.

Bonn climate meeting was 'missed opportunity' says WWF
(Fri 14/08)
As important climate talks ended in Bonn today, world leaders were criticised for focusing too much on regulations and procedure and not on the plight of poorer countries.

World's biggest leather exporter joins fight against Amazon cattle ranching
(Fri 14/08)
The world’s largest leather exporter has vowed to reject beef from cattle reared in farms involved in Amazon deforestation.

Australia rejects carbon trading plans
(Fri 14/08)
The chances of an agreement on carbon emissions at the crucial Copenhagen meeting in December took a blow yesterday after Australia’s Senate rejected an ambitious carbon trading scheme.

Global investment group in toxic ship row
(Thu 13/08)
A global investment group is at the centre of a toxic ship row after the UK Environment Agency barred a tanker ship from leaving port on suspicion it was to be illegally dismantled.

Governments 'making headway' in climate talks, says UN
(Thu 13/08)
Critical negotiations to create a global greenhouse reduction treaty are going well, according to the UN.

Green activists dump granite into ocean to disrupt fishing
(Wed 12/08)
Environmental activists have dumped 180 granite rocks onto the seabed near Sweden to stop ‘bottom trawling’ fishermen in protected areas.

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