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International News

Two airlines join aviation climate change group
(Wed 06/05)
Aviation Global Deal Group bolstered with the addition of Qatar and Finnair

Australian carbon scheme delayed by economic woes
(Tue 05/05)
Recession has forced the Australian government to postpone reduction targets until 2017

EU law change to save starving vultures
(Tue 05/05)
MEPs have voted in new rules governing the disposal of dead livestock as scavengers struggle to survive

UK and China unite to tackle climate change
(Mon 04/05)
Joint venture will open markets for innovative low-carbon businesses and reduce global carbon emissions

Scientists point finger at firestarters
(Tue 28/04)
Deliberate fires are a major contributor to global climate change

Stay slim and save the planet, claims researchers
(Tue 21/04)
Report reveals link between obese population and carbon emissions

Birds take the long way round with climate change
(Tue 14/04)
Bird migrations could lengthen by 250 miles because of climate change

Green tyre labelling to cut fuel bills and CO2
(Tue 07/04)
New European rules could trigger fuel savings that could equal taking 1.3 million cars off the roads

Empire State Building to get massive eco re-fit
(Tue 07/04)
New York’s most famous landmark to undergo massive green upgrade

Landing plan launched to slash carbon cost
(Mon 06/04)
Aircraft to use new glide path to cut impact on the environment and trigger massive fuel savings

Virgin Galactic supports calls to introduce eco rocket rules
(Thu 02/04)
UK-based Virgin Galactic supports calls to introduce more stringent regulations to reduce the environmental impact of space travel

Climate change accord signed between UK and Mexico
(Wed 01/04)
Governments agree to step up joint programme of sustainable development

Wind-powered record smashed
(Mon 30/03)
Brit team grabs world speed record on natural power

Glacial melt leads to re-drawing of national borders
(Thu 26/03)
Governments of Italy and Switzerland decide on new border line after glacier disappears

New satellite to measure deforestation
(Wed 25/03)
Scientists aim to blast-off to pinpoint carbon balance in Earth’s forests

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