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EU to rule all product ads must carry new energy ratings
(Sun 18/04)
Every energy-related product must be labelled with a new efficiency grade under regulations to be introduced by the European Union (EU).

Humans first impacted climate change 2,000 years ago
(Thu 15/04)
A new study suggests that early Native Americans left a bigger carbon footprint than previously thought, providing more evidence that humans impacted global climate long before the modern industrial era.

Index created to rank viability of onshore wind farms
(Thu 15/04)
A new study has developed a scoring system that could help authorities approve proposals for onshore wind plants.

US Govt works with iPhone's Apple to develop chemical attack alert app
(Sat 10/04)
iPhone makers Apple is working with the US Government to install miniature sensors that can detect toxic chemicals and automatically issue alerts to other phones to warn of danger.

Carbon Disclosure Project launches global H2O audit
(Wed 07/04)
Carbon Disclosure Project(CDP) is quizzing more than 300 of the largest global companies to report for the first time on water use and other water-related issues, to increase the availability of high quality business inf

Plastic electronics could slash cost of solar panels
(Mon 05/04)
A new technique developed by Princeton University engineers for producing electricity-conducting plastics could dramatically lower the cost of manufacturing solar panels.

UK commended for world's largest marine reserve
(Fri 02/04)
The Pew Environment Group has commended UK Foreign Minister David Miliband for designating the Chagos Islands, a group of 55 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as the world's largest marine reserve.

UK kick-starts renewed push for global climate deal
(Wed 31/03)
The UK has today kick-started a renewed push for a global climate deal as the Prime Minister co-chairs the most significant climate meeting since Copenhagen.

Hong Kong poised to overtake China in low-carbon goals
(Tue 30/03)
Hong Kong has the opportunity to adopt or overshoot China's target of reducing carbon intensity by 2020, according to a new report commissioned by international NGO The Climate Group.

Europe lends Russia €250m to help reduce emissions
(Tue 30/03)
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending EUR 250 million to Russian company Enel OGK-5 to finance the upgrading of a gas fired power plant located in Nevinnomyssk, South Russia.

Business alliance forms World Ocean Council to promote sustainability
(Mon 29/03)
Ocean business leaders from a diverse range of industries have grouped together as “Founding Members” of the World Ocean Council - an unprecedented international, cross-sectoral leadership alliance on stewardship of

Corporate drive against climate change is stalling, survey reveals
(Mon 29/03)
A global survey of 542 senior corporate executives has signalled a stall in the corporate drive to implement action to counter climate change.

GE ploughs €340mn into European offshore wind programme
(Fri 26/03)
Global engineering giant GE has announced plans to invest approximately €340 million to develop or expand its wind turbine manufacturing, engineering and service facilities in four European countries — the United Kin

Biofuel demand could drive up shopping bills, warns study
(Wed 24/03)
Consumers face hefty price increases if bad weather wipes out a US corn crop that is now tied to grain-intensive renewable fuel mandates, a new University of Illinois study warns.

First link found between climate change and fishery stocks
(Wed 24/03)
A new climate-population model developed by NOAA scientists to study rising ocean temperatures and fishing rates on one East Coast fish population could also forecast the impact of climate change and fishing on other fis

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