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Polar mission starts to study CO2 impacts on ocean
(Mon 15/03)
A team led by British explorer Ann Daniels today began a 500 kilometre trek across the floating sea ice of the Arctic Ocean. Her team of three explorers will be heading northwards collecting data and samples for the Catl

Spain & Germany forecast to be renewable powerhouses of Europe
(Sun 14/03)
The EU will surpass its target to consume 20 per cent of its energy from renewable energy by 2020, according to national forecasts submitted to the European Commission.

Brussels sued over biofuels report 'cover up'
(Sun 14/03)
The European Commission is being taken to court over its refusal to release information alleged to show that biofuels do more harm than good.

Power companies Endesa and ENEL top Euro list of carbon offsetters
(Sun 14/03)
Campaign group Sandbag has launched an online interactive map and report showing for the first time exactly what European companies are using to comply with their carbon emissions caps and where they are getting their of

Breathing can be converted into power for mobile phones
(Wed 24/02)
Natural body movements such as breathing and walking could be used to power electronic devices like mobile phones and heart pacemakers, according to a team of scientists.

UK proposes changes to recording climate change data
(Wed 24/02)
The Met Office, as the United Kingdom’s representative to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), has proposed a programme to deliver a new global temperature dataset.

UK and India launch £10m joint solar energy project
(Mon 15/02)
UK and Indian government ministers have announced two multi-million pound research programmes to develop cost-effective and efficient solar energy solutions.

UK beats France in race to cut greenhouse gas emissions
(Wed 03/02)
The UK has beaten its near-neighbours France in reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but still belches 100 million more tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Hospital scanners can help curb nuclear waste threat
(Sat 30/01)
Medical equipment used for diagnosis of patients with heart disease and cancer could be a key weapon in stopping nuclear waste seeping into the environment, according to new research.

Global finance chiefs support low carbon economy
(Sat 30/01)
CEOs from some of the world’s leading global financial institutions met with their industry and clients in Davos last week to stress their role in unlocking a low carbon economy and the business benefits this will brin

World nations to announce carbon targets by end of month
(Wed 13/01)
Countries are to come forward with their national 2020 carbon reduction targets by January 31, under agreements made in the Copenhagen Accord.

Green Touch launched to make ICT 1,000 times more energy efficient
(Wed 13/01)
The world has taken a big step closer to a green and more sustainable communications future with the launch of Green Touch, a global consortium organized by Bell Labs whose goal is to create the technologies needed to ma

Donald Trump wins first round of court battle with 85-yr-old widow
(Wed 06/01)
A Scottish court has today thrown out a legal bid by 85-year-old Molly Forbes to block Donald Trump's plans to develop a luxury golf resort.

Airline censored by ad watchdog for making false eco claims
(Wed 06/01)
An airline has been censored by the UK advertising watchdog for making claims it was “eco-smart” for passengers to fly with them.

Tobacco is most efficient biofuel of all crops, finds study
(Thu 31/12)
Scientists have discovered a way to transform tobacco leaves into the most efficient biofuel of all agricultural crops.

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