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Scientists find a greener way to get electricity from natural gas
(Thu 03/12)
A new type of natural-gas electric power plant proposed by MIT researchers could provide electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, at costs comparable to or less than conventional natural-gas plan

Solar Energy firm receives Carbon Trust cash boost
(Thu 03/12)
Fast growing UK developer of solar energy technology, Whitfield Solar, received further investment from Carbon Trust Investments to enable it to expand its workforce and build on existing commercial success in Spain.

UK Govt calls for all global tariffs on green goods to be scrapped
(Tue 01/12)
Tariffs should be scrapped for 'green goods' like solar powered stoves, water saving showers and wind turbine parts, UK Government Minister Gareth Thomas has argued.

Return of the ozone hole... but now as a global-warming shield
(Tue 01/12)
The first comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate and its relationship to the global climate system is to be released this week by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

Commonwealth leaders reach agreement on climate change
(Sun 29/11)
The 53 member states of the Commonwealth have called for an “internationally legally binding agreement” on climate change to be agreed at the Copenhagen conference next week.

300 cities sign the Hamburg Declaration on Climate Protection
(Fri 27/11)
The leaders of nearly 300 cities from around the world have this week signed the Hamburg Declaration on Climate Protection.

MEPs urge EU to continue leading fight against climate change
(Thu 26/11)
EU government leaders must demonstrate political leadership to make a success of the Copenhagen summit, say MEPs following a resolution vote this week. They say future generations might not be able to control climate

Youngsters' forest fire system undergoes trials
(Thu 26/11)
Sony Europe has announced that its partnership with a young team called Forest Guard has reached a vital stage in developing a forest wildfire detection system.

Tyres must display a green rating under new EU law
(Tue 24/11)
Vehicle tyres must display an eco-label similar to that required for household appliances following a law agreed in the European Parliament this week.

Pan-European waste agency proposed to boost recycling and avoid landfill
(Mon 23/11)
The European Commission is proposing setting up a waste agency to boost recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Unlikeliest eco-warrior as 85-yr-old Scottish widow takes on Donald Trump
(Mon 23/11)
The might of the Trump Corporation is being challenged by a Scottish pensioner who is refusing to be evicted from her home to make way for a luxury golf course development.

Breakthrough science produces eco-plastic without fossil fuels
(Mon 23/11)
A team of pioneering scientists have succeeded in producing the polymers used for everyday plastics through bioengineering, rather than through the use of fossil fuel based chemicals.

Europe forces public sector to green existing buildings to “near-zero” by 2018
(Fri 20/11)
All buildings in Europe built after 2020 must have high energy-saving standards and be powered to a large extent by renewable energy.

Scientists develop new method of harnessing waste heat
(Thu 19/11)
New research points the way to a technology that might make it possible to harvest much of the wasted heat produced by everything from computer processor chips to car engines to electric powerplants, and turn it into usa

“US and China disappoint world” says European chief
(Wed 18/11)
"The biggest polluters turn out to become the biggest failures for climate protection", claims European Parliament Environment Committee Chair Jo Leinen.

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