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EC targets white van man with CO2 emission limits
(Thu 29/10)
The European Commission has proposed legislation to reduce the average CO2 emissions of vans to 175 grams per kilometre.

EU launches search for European Green Capitals 2015 and 13
(Mon 26/10)
The search has begun to find the cities that will become the next European Green Capitals. The prestigious European Green Capital Award recognises cities that are at the forefront of environmentally-friendly urban living

“Serious” accounting error leads to global carbon blunder
(Thu 22/10)
A fixable error in the way carbon is counted in current US climate legislation and in the Kyoto Protocol could undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using biofuels, says a premier group of national envi

Roof tiles change colour to combat climate change
(Tue 20/10)
Researchers have found a firm fix to turn back the effects of climate change by using slabs of hair gel instead of roof tiles.

Soccer ace Clarence Seedorf joins Kofi Annan’s climate campaign
(Sun 18/10)
One of Europe's top soccer stars AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf has today become the first footballer to become a Climate Ally and sign up to the “Tck Tck Tck Time for Climate Justice”campaign.

European and US cities to “green twin” to share eco success
(Fri 09/10)
Mayors from both sides of the Atlantic have met in Brussels this week to develop ways of working closer together in adapting to the effects of climate change.

EU calls on Bangkok meeting to make decisive climate change
(Mon 28/09)
The Swedish Presidency of the EU and the European Commission have called on international negotiators to make decisive progress towards an ambitious global climate change agreement at two weeks of world climate talks in

EU shifts climate bill to poor nations, says campaign group
(Mon 14/09)
European Commission proposals about how poor countries should be helped financially to deal with climate change show a ‘serious lack of ambition’, says leading charity Christian Aid.

European Commission proposes multi-billion climate change financing deal
(Mon 14/09)
The European Commission has put forward plans to allocate €22-50 billion a year to tackle global warming and adapt to climate change.

UN Secretary-General visits melting Arctic ice
(Thu 03/09)
The UN Secretary-General has delivered an urgent climate message to the world while standing on rapidly melting icecaps.

Pacific garbage patch study shows alarming results
(Fri 28/08)
Scientists have completed an expedition to study the ‘Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch’ with alarming results.

Search Gate World News
(Thu 27/08)
A brief round-up of environmental news from around the globe.

President Obama's grandmother installs solar panels
(Mon 24/08)
US President Barack Obama’s grandmother has installed solar panels on the roof of her house in Kenya as part of a 20-day workshop aiming to increase renewable energy production in the African country.

Eco-rocket blasts off
(Mon 24/08)
Environmentally friendly fuel could save the planet, but now scientists have created an eco rocket fuel that could allow us to leave the planet entirely.

Climate change could push millions into poverty, claims study
(Thu 20/08)
People living in urban areas in developing countries could be driven into poverty by climate change, a new study has shown.

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