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Australia rejects carbon trading plans
(Fri 14/08)
The chances of an agreement on carbon emissions at the crucial Copenhagen meeting in December took a blow yesterday after Australia’s Senate rejected an ambitious carbon trading scheme.

Global investment group in toxic ship row
(Thu 13/08)
A global investment group is at the centre of a toxic ship row after the UK Environment Agency barred a tanker ship from leaving port on suspicion it was to be illegally dismantled.

Governments 'making headway' in climate talks, says UN
(Thu 13/08)
Critical negotiations to create a global greenhouse reduction treaty are going well, according to the UN.

Green activists dump granite into ocean to disrupt fishing
(Wed 12/08)
Environmental activists have dumped 180 granite rocks onto the seabed near Sweden to stop ‘bottom trawling’ fishermen in protected areas.

World tree planting record attempt begins
(Tue 11/08)
Villagers in India are attempting to break a “green” world record just a month after it was last beaten.

Global warming causing irreparable damage to oceans
(Tue 11/08)
Global warming and an increase in carbon emissions could be doing ‘irreparable’ damage to the world’s oceans, a new study has found.

VAT removed from carbon credits to prevent fraud
(Mon 03/08)
The Government has taken steps to stop carbon emissions fraud after studies showed there was a "substantial" risk of conmen targeting the UK.

New study into toxic plastic island that is devastating ocean life
(Fri 31/07)
A massive island of discarded plastic is poisoning the Pacific Ocean and devastating wildlife populations.

Cyprus' first wind farm gets green light
(Fri 31/07)
Cyprus will begin construction of the first wind farm on the island in September after finance was secured for the £145 million project.

European Commission to review biofuels production
(Fri 31/07)
The European Commission will investigate the environmental impact of clearing forests for biofuel production.

Battle to save the Amazon rainforest gets boost
(Tue 28/07)
The Ashaninka tribe in the Amazon rainforest has received support from an unlikely source – printing technology company Brother.

Three men arrested over Brazilian toxic waste shipment
(Fri 24/07)
The Environment Agency has arrested three men in connection with the alleged illegal shipment of toxic waste from England to Brazil.

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Ed Miliband visits controversial Severn Barrage site
(Fri 24/07)
Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, visited the Severn Estuary yesterday to review a potential site for a tidal energy project.

EU industry profiting from wasteful emissions targets
(Thu 23/07)
Companies could make over £4.3 billion profits from the flawed European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS), claims new report.

Pacific islanders set to win race to become world's first carbon-neutral nation
(Wed 22/07)
Pacific islanders set to win race to become world's first carbon-neutral nation.

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