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Series of tremors and quakes rock Iceland volcano Katla
(Tue 21/02)
Iceland's huge volcano Katla is stirring into life after tell-tale signs of the potential for an eruption were monitored by observers.

Banks and investors back calls to biggest companies to cut emissions
(Mon 20/02)
On behalf of 92 pension funds, asset managers, insurers and banks, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which holds the world’s largest collection of self-reported corporate environmental data, has sent letters to the

GE and Carbon Trust partner to boost cleantech business growth
(Mon 20/02)
GE and the Carbon Trust have announced a new pan-European partnership to accelerate European cleantech growth amid growing evidence that the region is struggling to keep up with other parts of the globe in this critical

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Germany's offshore energy plans stall because of lack of power lines
(Thu 16/02)
The German government plans to increase the share of its energy produced from renewable sources from the current level of 20 percent to 35 percent by 2020.

Heartland Institute claim some leaked emails were faked and stunted
(Wed 15/02)
Officials at the sceptic think-tank Heartland Institute have tonight claimed at least one of the leaked emails that exposed its strategy on climate change was a fake.

Extreme summer temperatures occur more frequently, study finds
(Wed 15/02)
Extreme summer temperatures are already occurring more frequently in the United States, and will become normal by mid-century if the world continues on a business as usual schedule of emitting greenhouse gases, according

Europe delivers bioeconomy plan for a more sustainable future
(Tue 14/02)
The European Commission has adopted a strategy to shift the European economy towards greater and more sustainable use of renewable resources.

Scotland gives £1.7m to Malawi to support nation's plan for renewable energy
(Sun 12/02)
As part of its climate justice agenda, Scotland has announced it is to support the African nation of Malawi with its groundbreaking, innovative and comprehensive renewable energy programme.

Europe and India sign deal to work together on green energy
(Sat 11/02)
Leaders from India and Europe have signed a new deal on green energy cooperation.

Switzerland tops global league on green performance
(Thu 02/02)
Switzerland leads the world in addressing pollution control and natural resource management challenges, according to the 2015 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) produced by researchers at Yale and Columbia Universitie

Scientists warn of increasing risk of powerful solar storms
(Wed 01/02)
Scientists have warned of an increasing risk of powerful solar storms over the next 12-months as the Sun nears the peak of its 11-year cycle of activity.

Europe to target pharmaceutical pollution with new water quality rules
(Tue 31/01)
The European Commission has unveiled a new set of water pollution rules, which will for the first time include certain pharmaceutical products.

Earth to be hit by biggest solar storm for seven years this week
(Mon 23/01)
A radiation surge from a massive solar storm is heading towards Earth at 4 million miles per hour as American scientists warn of the potential risk of disruption.

Europe scrambles to tackle outbreak of newly discovered livestock virus
(Thu 12/01)
European food safety officials have met to discuss the spread of a newly detected virus that is spreading through farms on the Continent.

Tsunami debris vanishes in Pacific but could still affect US West Coast
(Fri 30/12)
Anything that goes into the ocean will eventually either sink or float. Debris from the tsunami that devastated Japan in March could reach the United States as early as this winter, according to predictions by NOAA scien

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