Charcoal BBQs more damaging to environment than LPG grills

by Published Thu 14 May 2009 00:33
Charcoal bad for the environment

Charcoal barbecues are more damaging to the environment than propane-fuelled grills, according to new research.

The carbon footprint of traditional BBQ bricks is almost three times as large as that for their modern-day equivalent fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Researchers found LPG is far more environmentally efficient than charcoal in its production and considerably more efficient as a cooking method.

Charcoal is produced by heating wood in a kiln but only between 20 and 35 percent creates the end fuel used on barbecue grills, the remaining material is converted into a mix of greenhouse gases and emitted into the atmosphere.

In contrast, 90 percent of LPG is retained in the manufacturing process.

LPG grills are akin to conventional cookers and ovens, in that they have power ratings and can easily be switched on and off. By contrast, charcoal grills do not offer easy mechanisms for regulating fuel consumption.

Report author Eric Johnson of research firm Atlantic Consulting, explained: "The primary factor in determining fuel consumption is the griller's loading, which is determined by the amount of charcoal that is used along with the quality and quantity of starting-aid that is required. "

In his research, published in the science journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Johnson argued that developing countries, primarily in Africa, are likely to be the source of charcoal sold in the UK.

The study points out that last year the UK imported 80 percent of its charcoal from developing
countries, and 50 percent of its charcoal from Africa.

Nearly 70 percent of the UK's total imported charcoal comes from South Africa, Argentina, Namibia and Nigeria – where, according to the UN, forest stocks are on the decline.

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Comments about Charcoal BBQs more damaging to environment than LPG grills

The extract seems to be very biased & inaccurate for a No. of reasons. Most notable being the original source/renewability of the fuels!
Phil Hards, Lincolnshire, UK around 2 years, 6 months ago

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