Trans-Atlantic joint venture for pioneering energy-from-waste firm

by Published Thu 28 May 2009 23:13
Highly efficient energy from landfill waste

Leading energy-from-waste firm Advanced Plasma Power (APP) has partnered up with private equity fund Leverage Green Energy (LGE) to support the roll out of its cutting edge Gasplasma technology across several international markets.

APP's Gasplasma process creates clean hydrogen rich gas from landfill waste. This fuel gas is used in the highly efficient production of renewable power and can also be converted into liquid fuels such as Methanol.

As part of the link-up, Virginia-based LGE has acquired a 10 percent stake in APP with a £10 million investment and the trans-Atlantic joint venture will initially target the Central and Eastern European markets as well as Canada.

LGE chief operating officer Robert Clark said: “We are excited to be joining forces with APP to be able to integrate this technology and to position LGE for the decreasing global dependency of energy from fossil fuel and the tightening health and environmental regulatory requirements regarding waste management for Europe 2020 and beyond.”

The Gasplasma system works by economically converting municipal waste, once all recyclable materials have been removed, into two recyclable products, a clean, hydrogen-rich, synthetic gas, Syngas, capable of generating high electrical output and an inert aggregate, Plasmarok, that can be reused as a component for building materials and consumer products.

According to APP, their gasplasma technology boasts the highest waste diversion figure of any available technology.

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