Scottish protest camp promises direct action

by Stephen Hurrell. Published Mon 03 Aug 2009 15:40, Last updated: 2009-08-03
The location of the camp has been revealed

Eco-campaigners will target "climate change criminals" as part of a week-long protest in Scotland starting today.

Camp for Climate Action in Scotland (CCAS) announced the location of the camp, in Mainsill, South Lanarkshire, this morning and hopes to occupy the site until August 10th.

Scottish Coal, the UK's largest open-cast coal mining group, was granted permission to mine 1.7 million tonnes of coal from the woods by South Lanarkshire council in February.

There are five other open-cast coal mines in the area and CCAS has promised to take "direct action" against a number of targets over the next seven days.

Organisers kept details of the camp a secret until today because they feared police would break up the protests. Earlier this month campaign group Mainshill Solidarity Camp was evicted from the site by police after 30 protesters dug tunnels in protest over the open-cast coal mines in the area.

The camp will be as ecologically friendly as possible, utilising compost toilets, grey water systems and micro-renewable energy. A number of workshops will be held to discuss climate change in Scotland and any action that will take place as part of the protest.

A spokesperson for the camp said: “We hope to work with and in solidarity with local communities and ongoing campaigns around the camp’s locality to build on what others are already doing and for the camp to have long-lasting positive impacts.

"If you want to take control of your life, of our society, and standing up for what you believe in, all in the face of powerful and polluting corporations, then join us at Climate Camp, that's what we're doing there.”

Organisers expect 600 people to travel to the site during the next week and have indicated they may stay in the camp longer than originally planned.

Strathclyde police are monitoring the situation.

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