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Councils secretly snooped on the rubbish of 2,000 homes
(Mon 11/05)
The Kent Waste Partnership has analysed rubbish from the bins of more than 2,000 homes without their owners’ knowledge in a bid, they say, to cut waste and boost recycling.

UK smart meter roll-out programme announced
(Mon 11/05)
Energy market to be overhauled with smart meter programme

UK ministers of green avoid MPs 'snout in trough' row
(Mon 11/05)
UK ministers of green avoid politicians' 'snout in trough' row

Ofgem relaxes rules to allow faster connection of renewable generators
(Sun 10/05)
Ofgem authorises £12.5 million investment by transmission companies for preparatory work which will further speed up connections.

Olympic organisers call for sustainable help
(Fri 08/05)
London 2017 needs sustainable vision from plastics industry

Scottish councils failing to green buildings
(Fri 08/05)
Scottish Parliament failing to promote sustainability agenda

Carbon capture study to get £7million
(Fri 08/05)
Universities to share £6.9 million for carbon capture study

Heating to be run on ice cream
(Fri 08/05)
Frozen waste is to be converted into electricity at UK Wall's factory

Exclusive: BERR doubles its energy bill in just 4 years
(Thu 07/05)
Business Secretary Peter Mandelson is under fire for his department's increased carbon footprint

North Sea could store hundreds of years’ worth of CO2 emissions
(Thu 07/05)
Study identifies largest storage sites to date, located in rock formations below seabed

£190,000 to study language of climate change
(Tue 05/05)
Carbon compounds: the language of climate change

Food-fuelled racing car revs up for the future
(Tue 05/05)
Racing car made of vegetables and powered by chocolate takes to the track

Railway sleepers to be replaced by recycled plastic
(Mon 04/05)
Network Rail to start nationwide green upgrade of track

UK Grid can cope with big rise in plug-in cars, says study
(Fri 01/05)
Research shows UK power grid has capacity for significant rise in use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

UK plc could save £2.5 billion with green map
(Fri 01/05)
Carbon Trust launches its region by region Carbon Trust map

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