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Algae power takes off at airport
(Fri 27/03)
Cutting-edge technology trialled to reduce emissions and boost sustainable power

Agencies streamlined into WRAP
(Wed 25/03)
Government announces plans to merge resource bodies into one WRAP-led super group

Green scheme shelved for being too popular
(Wed 25/03)
Government axes project to help public buildings switch to renewable energy after scheme runs out of cash

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Off with their heat
(Tue 24/03)
Buckingham Palace tops London's dirty dozen list of least energy efficient buildings

Plan to plug offshore wind into the grid a step closer
(Tue 24/03)
Government rolls out grid programme to connect offshore power

Water industry stuck in Victorian era
(Tue 24/03)
PM’s unit demands more work to minimise environmental impact

Green capital bid doomed to failure, says expert
(Tue 30/11)
A leading energy expert has sent a stark warning to Merseyside as it bids to become 'green' capital of Britain - “tackle heat energy or your ambitious bid will fail”.

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