EU delays on CO2 emissions should not deter auto industry, says expert

by Search Gate staff. Published Wed 23 Oct 2013 12:32
German government pushes for emission limit delay
German government pushes for emission limit delay

The proposal by the EU to delay introducing new limits on CO2 emissions for passenger cars from 2020 to 2024 should not deter the automotive industry from striving to meet the existing targets set on all new fleet model cars, and should actually be seen as a call to action for organisations to invest in R&D; in order to drive innovation, according to Barry James, Chief Technology Officer from Romax Technology.

Environment ministers have agreed to revise a deal which originally set a limit of 95g of CO2 per km for the average car to take effect from 2020. Because of pressure from the German government this has now changed to see 80 per cent of vehicles migrated by 2020 with all vehicles complying by 2024.

James stated that while this move has sparked much debate, car manufacturers should not be discouraged from continuing to meet the existing targets as well as driving innovation across the field of low carbon emissions:

“The revised ruling has certainly sparked much deliberation within the automotive industry as well as the wider community, especially those concerned that the move has been perceived to weaken the original limits set by the EU.

“Amongst all the discussion, it’s imperative that car manufacturers don’t lose sight of the original goals – to drive innovation through new technologies that deliver more efficient and less polluting cars.”

James continued: “The concern is that by pushing back the deadline, so goes with it the continued investment in R&D; to drive energy efficiency, with manufacturers instead prioritising other areas of development.

“This is something we don’t actually believe will happen, largely due to the investment from UK government and key associations which have campaigned tirelessly to establish an infrastructure that supports the growth and investment in low-carbon and electronic vehicle investment.

“An example of which can be seen from major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), led by some of the industry’s biggest car giants. These organisations are investing in R&D; in order to optimise the design process and the fallout of which is seeing them developing low carbon electro-mechanical drivelines and vehicle technologies in order to address consumer demands while meeting these requirements of the EU.

“The key to this is ensuring that despite the delay, innovation and R&D; are still key drivers. In doing so we believe results can be achieved faster with greater accuracy, ultimately achieving the end goal of ensuring limits on carbon emissions are met,” James concluded.

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Comments about EU delays on CO2 emissions should not deter auto industry, says expert

This story is incorrect. There is no agreement to delay to 2024 - just a German proposal - no agreement
Greg Archer, Brussels around 2 months ago

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