New energy saving regulation is an opportunity not a burden

by Search Gate staff. Published Thu 14 Aug 2014 11:26
ESOS will help firms identify energy saving opportunities
ESOS will help firms identify energy saving opportunities

A new energy saving regulation is a big opportunity which could help businesses identify and implement significant cost savings, says energy consultancy Utilyx.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will oblige more than 7,000 large companies to measure their total energy consumption and conduct energy audits to identify energy savings opportunities by December 2015.

Utilyx is advising businesses not to panic and rush to carry out audits, as they may have already done a lot of the work required for ESOS either through voluntary initiatives or to comply with other existing regulation.

Caroline Pitt, Head of Consulting and Strategy at Utilyx, said: “Whilst businesses can feel overwhelmed by regulation and red tape, energy managers must not view this as yet another burden.

“ESOS is a chance to raise the case for saving energy up the corporate agenda. By building on the best practice that a business already employs and going beyond the minimum requirements - actually implementing energy savings, not just identifying them - organisations could make significant savings on their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions.

“Our message to businesses is don’t panic and don’t rush into ticking a box to comply,” Caroline added. “Many organisations will have already done a lot of the hard work, so won’t need to waste time and money starting from scratch. Companies will benefit from taking a planned approach that not only ensures compliance, but cost savings too”.

ESOS has been introduced to help the UK meet its requirements under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and is expected to affect more than 7,000 large companies in the UK. The Government estimates that the net benefit of the policy to the UK will be around £1.9bn between 2015 and 2030. But this is based on a conservative prediction that only 6% by value of potential energy saving opportunities identified will be implemented.

Utilyx is working with its parent company Mitie to offer an end-to-end service, delivered through three stages: ESOS Health Check, ESOS Audit and ESOS Evidence Pack. The health check will establish exactly what gaps need to be filled to comply. The audit stage will involve an analysis of a company’s buildings and business fleet as per ESOS requirements to identify potential energy savings. The evidence pack will provide all the records needed to demonstrate fully compliance with the ESOS requirements.

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