Lightbulb ban begins today

by Stephen Hurrell. Published Tue 01 Sep 2009 11:18, Last updated: 2009-09-01
Traditional bulbs are being phased out

The EU ban on traditional 100W lightbulbs comes into effect today, and businesses and green groups are welcoming the legislation.

The Government says the switch to low-energy bulbs will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by around five million tonnes a year, or the equivalent of taking 73,000 cars off the road.

The ban, agreed by the EU under the Ecodesign of Energy-Using Products Directive, is supported by leading think-tank Green Alliance.

Policy adviser for Green Alliance, Hannah Hislop, said: “Banning an everyday product that wastes 95 percent of the energy it uses is a no-brainer in terms of saving money and stopping dangerous climate change. This policy will lead to energy savings equivalent to the electricity used in all the households in Belgium and Portugal.

“People may wonder what the light bulb has done to deserve all this attention. The truth is that this iconic ban has to be just the start of better, greener products across the board, from air-conditioning units and boilers to televisions and set top boxes. EU consumers will be able to save even more money and energy if ambitious energy-efficiency standards are set for all these products.”

DIY chain B&Q; has pledged to double its line of energy-efficient bulbs to coincide with the legislation. The range, named One Planet Home lighting, will include the introduction of a dimmable energy-efficient bulb as the company phases out all traditional bulbs by 2011.

Matt Sexton, B&Q;’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, said: “Replace your traditional bulbs today with energy-efficient ones and you’ll be cutting your electricity bills and your home’s carbon footprint.”

However, Green Alliances’ Hislop believes more must be done to save energy in the home. She added: “We need to make sure the incandescent bulb is not just replaced by the only marginally more efficient halogen, and speed up the introduction of LED technology, the most efficient lighting currently available. Consumers also need much better and clearer information about the alternatives.”

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Comments about Lightbulb ban begins today

All my spotlights are designed to fit flush with a standard spot bulb, not poke out 2" from the end as they do with an energy saving bulb.
kevin, Harlow around 4 years, 3 months ago
CO2 savings? Light bulbs -unlike most cars- don't give out any gas! How to deal properly with emissions:
lighthouse10, dublin around 4 years, 3 months ago

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