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UK green groups welcome call for law change
(Tue 19/01)
Leading environmental campaign groups have welcomed proposals by Lord Justice Jackson for changes to the legal system to improve access to justice in environmental protection cases and have called on the Government to ac

Fears UK bumblebee could be wiped out in the big freeze
(Fri 08/01)
Bee experts are warning that the exceptionally cold weather could prove disastrous for Britain's bee population, leading to a pollination crisis next summer.

US biofuel policy is just “throwing taxpayer money out the window”
(Wed 06/01)
The United States needs to fundamentally rethink its policy of promoting ethanol to diversify its energy sources and increase energy security, according to a new policy paper by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Pu

Call for every Scottish home to be given free insulation
(Tue 05/01)
Every home in Scotland should be provided with free loft and cavity wall insulation, as part of a Scotland wide package of measures to make all homes low carbon, if the Scottish Government is to achieve the 42 percent r

High-speed rail network needed for greener travel
(Wed 30/12)
Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis has predicted 2010 will be the year of high-speed rail in the UK on the day he received a landmark report for the future of transport.

Christian Aid says flawed summit outcome will cost lives
(Fri 18/12)
The poor in the developing world will pay with their lives for the strong arm tactics and intransigence of rich countries which today led to a seriously flawed outcome from the crucial UN climate change summit in Copenh

Water experts warn of Copenhagen's “blind spot”
(Tue 15/12)
Professor Patricia Wouters, Director of the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, University of Dundee, today fired a shot across the bows of climate change negotiators in Copenhagen, warning them not to ignor

UK's science community rallies round climate data
(Thu 10/12)
Acting on behalf of 1,700 members of the UK Science Community, the Met Office has today responded to the ongoing questioning of core climate science and methods.

From TopShop to hot shop as High Street stores are slammed for energy waste
(Tue 08/12)
Retailers wanting to out-do each other by creating the most enticing Christmas shopping experiences are wasting huge amounts of energy, according to the business price comparison service Make It Cheaper.

Copenhagen start at home - Miliband
(Mon 07/12)
As talks aimed at securing a global climate deal kicked off in Copenhagen today, UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband announced steps in the UK aimed at helping householders make their contribution to cutti

Stop gambling with the Planet's future and save Kyoto, urge campaigners
(Thu 03/12)
Dumping the world’s only legal agreement on fighting climate change would be gambling with the future of the planet and the world’s poorest people, four major campaign groups warn today

The five essential ingredients for a successful energy-saving campaign
(Tue 01/12)
The Warren Report: Sailing the five Cs to reach the two Es. Your shorter guide to energy efficiency

President Lula warning over no deal at Copenhagen
(Mon 30/11)
Speaking ahead of the Copenhagen conference as part of the Channel 4 News week in Brazil, President Lula warned interviewer Jon Snow “everybody will be the victim of global warming".

Energy entrepreneurs can plug the energy gap
(Wed 25/11)
Jo Butlin, Vice President of SmartestEnergy, the UK’s largest purchaser and supplier of independently generated electricity, here argues that UK energy policy needs to shift away from the ‘Big 6’ utilities

Simplify renewable feed-in tariffs, Govt warned
(Tue 24/11)
Renewable electricity supplier Good Energy has called on the UK Government to simplify the proposed Feed-in Tariff (FiT) arrangements for micro-generators and reward generators for their total generation.

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