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Dwindling water supplies can be helped by oil experts
(Mon 02/11)
Although declining streamflows and half-full reservoirs have gotten most of the attention in water conflicts around the United States, some of the worst battles of the next century may be over groundwater, experts say �

Controversial Trump golf course may breach EU rules, warns Green MEP
(Mon 26/10)
The leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, Caroline Lucas MEP, has urged the European Commission to launch a full investigation into American tycoon Donald Trump'’s controversial plans to build a golf course a

Treaty to limit CO2 needs to be linked with limits on other greenhouse gases
(Thu 22/10)
When world leaders meet in Copenhagen in December to hash out a treaty limiting carbon dioxide emissions, they should begin planning a future summit to address other pollutants – from soot to ozone – that don't rema

£16 billion is a “small price” to pay to tackle climate change
(Thu 08/10)
Investing £16 billion, over the next decade, in improving people’s quality of life in Scotland and reducing climate emissions will be money well spent, said WWF Scotland today.

Europe throws away £5bn a year by dumping waste
(Wed 07/10)
European nations are wasting more than £5 billion a year by failing to recycle waste properly, according to research by campaign group Friends of the Earth.

Sweden leads the EU charge towards a more wide-ranging EPBD
(Thu 17/09)
Under the Swedish presidency there is a new urgency to the European Union’s desire to lead the way when negotiations on a successor to Kyoto begin. But will the UK grasp the opportunity?

AA President: Simple may be smarter in reducing CO2 from cars
(Mon 14/09)
Poorly thought out park and ride schemes and 20mph speed zones are not the correct way to reduce carbon emissions from car travel, says the AA President, Edmund King.

Lightbulb ban begins today
(Tue 01/09)
The EU ban on traditional lightbulbs comes into effect today, and businesses and green groups are welcoming the legislation.

Tropical ecosystems lost to climate change could increase disease risk in humans
(Tue 25/08)
The destruction of tropical ecosystems by climate change could have a knock-on effect on human health, claims new research funded by the National Science Foundation.

Defra flood plan 'inadequate', says Countryside Alliance
(Thu 20/08)
Plans by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to invest £16 million in flood defences have been branded ‘inadequate’ by the Countryside Alliance.

Water shortage the biggest environmental concern on the planet, says survey
(Wed 19/08)
Water shortages and pollution are a bigger danger to the planet than climate change and melting ice caps, according to a survey published this week.

Biofuels 'starving the poor to keep the cars of the rich running'
(Mon 17/08)
Biofuels have gone from a global energy saviour to a bogeyman that threatens to ‘starve the poor to keep the cars of the rich running’, according to leading charity Christian Aid.

Environmental work should be 'part of mainstream education'
(Thu 13/08)
Young volunteers are being put off environmental work because they are being forced to dig holes and pick up litter instead of learning about conservation, according to a study published today.

Airport tax could increase carbon emissions
(Thu 06/08)
The UK Airport Departure Tax introduced by the Government could encourage more carbon emissions, claim a leading tourism organisation.

Only reform of the Energy Performance Certificates will bring about improvements
(Sun 26/07)
Only reform of the Energy Performance Certificates will bring about improvements, says Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy.

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