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Transferable skills key to matching Green sector job demand
(Wed 26/05)
Through increased investment and tough carbon emission targets, the green energy sector in the UK continues to prosper. The Climate Change Act has committed the country to ambitious green house gas reductions on 1990 lev

“Glad to see the back of Low Carbon Building Programme”
(Wed 26/05)
Ivan Lucas of UK renewable energy equipment suppliers Navitron explains to Search Gate why he's happy to see the back of the government's Low Carbon Building Programme.

Electronic giants call for EU hazardous substance ban
(Wed 19/05)
EU legislators are now in the process of deciding future restrictions on hazardous substances in electronics through the EU Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

“Carbon” is so 2007 as study reveals word's role in climate change fight
(Mon 17/05)
Phrases that combine 'carbon' with other words, such as 'carbon finance' or 'carbon footprint', can provide an insight into how climate change issues are being communicated.

A new direction for climate policy, argues The Hartwell Paper
(Wed 12/05)
Rapid advance in addressing climate change is now possible for the first time in 15 years because global climate policy crashed in 2009, according to The Hartwell Paper, a new international report co-ordinated at the Lon

WWF calls for Arctic oil drilling ban
(Wed 05/05)
As thousands of barrels of oil continue to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) officials have urged the Obama Administration to put a hold on exploratory drilling that is scheduled to begin in the Arc

Green tech innovation is moving faster than people’s imaginations
(Thu 29/04)
Leading lights from the academic, industrial and economic worlds contributed to a unique ‘Vision of the Future’ exercise hosted by Arup last week at the UK’s largest environmental technology event, SustainabilityLi

Green reform is vital for next Govt, says Aldersgate Group report
(Thu 29/04)
Whichever party wins the election in May must prioritise environmental reform with the same urgency as economic reform, according to a new report from the Aldersgate Group (AG), an influential, high-level coalition of bu

Green group blasts Donald Trump as a “bullying billionaire”
(Mon 26/04)
Nearly three-quarters of Scots now oppose plans by property tycoon Donald trump to evict local residents to clear the way for his plans for a luxury golf resort.

Taking action on the fast half of climate change
(Sat 24/04)
Carbon dioxide may be the primary culprit when it comes to climate change, but it’s still only half of the problem: black carbon soot, ground-level ozone, and HFCs (a group of super greenhouse gases with hundreds to th

Green energy could be held back by Govt red tape
(Fri 09/04)
An expected purge of wind turbine installers from a quality assurance list could ‘demolish’ the industry, insiders are warning.

Hindu leader calls for religious unity to tackle climate change
(Thu 08/04)
A Hindu leader has called on all the world’s religious leaders to unite and develop a global partnership to tackle climate change.

Ex-Environment Minister says action against climate change is “nonsense”
(Thu 01/04)
Westminster MP and former NI Minister of the Environment Sammy Wilson has launched an astonishing attack against the “hysteria around global warming”.

HSBC questions the future of carbon trading
(Mon 29/03)
Following a disappointing Copenhagen summit, where no legally binding treaty on carbon emissions was delivered, the Climate Change sector has underperformed Global Equities according to the latest quarterly review of the

Does UK lack the skills to match the renewables' demand?
(Fri 26/03)
Tom Hopkinson, Managing Director of Taylor Hopkinson Associates, Scotland’s only specialist renewable energy recruitment services company, questions the available skills' resource.

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