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New car 'scrappage' scheme masquerades as green
(Fri 10/04)
Pressure group says motor scheme doesn't address the main culprits

Global warming is centuries old, says study
(Tue 07/04)
Scientists find evidence that European weather change is nothing new

Bioenergy benefits for impoverished communities
(Sun 29/03)
Study highlights benefits of small-scale bioenergy initiatives in developing countries

If it works, don’t fix it. Unless it’s a successful energy-saving programme
(Sun 29/03)
Everybody would agree that the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target has been a great success reducing household emissions by at least 8m tonnes. But proposed changes could destroy its entire credibility

Call for mobile phone recycling standards
(Fri 27/03)
UK firm leads demands for tighter regulation on recycling handsets

Government rules threaten renewable investments, say business giants
(Thu 26/03)
Business leaders join together to request greater consistency in the carbon accounting rules surrounding renewable energy generation

Biomass holds the key
(Tue 24/03)
The production of biomass for power generation holds the key to protecting Britain's natural environment, according to the UK's largest energy analyst.

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