How smart tech homes are helping the environment

by Search Gate staff. Published Tue 20 Oct 2015 14:35, Last updated: 2015-10-20

We’ve all heard of renewables but nearly everyone can now benefit from smart technology in one way or another; whether it’s around the home, at our workplace or through the use of mobile devices. What’s more is that these innovative technologies have the ability to be implemented almost seamlessly into gadgets, appliances, and a plethora of other devices in order to make life a little easier. Mainly marketed as a source of cutting-edge entertainment, what is far less publicised is the technology’s influence on the environment and many of you may be surprised to learn that they can help conserve energy.

The idea of the “smart home” is something that has excited innovators and technology fans for decades. The ability to control the lighting, heating and all the electronic devices around your home from the press of a button- or a simple wall panel- has always been a futuristic ideal of home life and now thanks to the evolution of smart technology it has quite literally become a reality.

Companies such as British Gas are already looking to roll out smart energy meters in order to help customers take better control of their home’s energy consumption levels; it’s also thought the move will help tenants to better understand energy usage and costs. Tracking this usage will help all of us become more conscious of the energy we are burning and what we are paying for and hopefully over time this can help change our habits.

If smart technology can help shift societal thinking towards energy saving and our relationship with the energy companies can improve as a result then there is greater scope for further smart tech integration and innovation.

Smart tech homes give us the ability to take more control over the environment around us. Our personal spaces can be more efficiently utilised with these incredible innovations that feed us information in real-time. We can now discover what foods we have left in our fridges without having to open the door, we can heat our households when we’re not even at home and we can even preheat our ovens using a simple smartphone-based app whilst we concentrate on prepping the food.

Smart tech innovations have penetrated many industries and further adaptation would come as good news for gaming fans looking for a central entertainment hub solution. Safe gaming with Royal Vegas and other operators is now possible thanks to the advent of secure home-based networks; every member of the family is now able to play their favourite titles or watch movies from any room in the house and on any smart-enabled device with the assurance that their personal information will not be compromised.

The smart-tech revolution is upon us and the future is now.

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