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SAP and Siemens join forces to lead charge of electric vehicles
(Thu 21/10)
As electric vehicles continue to capture the attention of consumers and governments around the globe, the future adoption of these vehicles is seen by some as a key enabler of lower worldwide carbon emissions.

Knowledge of nature's risk from pharmaceuticals is inadequate
(Mon 18/10)
The strategies used to assess the environmental risks posed by pharmaceuticals are not enough to protect natural microbial communities, reveals a researcher from the University of Gothenburg, who is calling for better en

Voyages of World War I warships new weapon in climate change fight
(Wed 13/10)
Voyages of World War One Royal Navy warships are being used to help scientists understand the climate of the past and unearth new historical information, with help from the public.

New discovery could pave the way for identification of rogue CFC release
(Thu 02/09)
A new discovery by scientists at the Universities of East Anglia and Frankfurt could make it possible in future to identify the source of banned CFCs that are probably still being released into the atmosphere.

New computer model advances climate change research
(Thu 19/08)
Scientists can now study climate change in far more detail with powerful new computer software released by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Low-carbon focus should be on existing buildings, says report
(Tue 17/08)
Improving the energy efficiency of the existing building stock is a more cost-effective route for achieving CO2 savings than constructing new buildings, a new report reveals.

Scotch whisky developed as “super biofuel” to power cars
(Tue 17/08)
Cars may soon be fuelled on whisky after a university programme developed a “super biofuel” made from the by-products of the spirit's distillation process.

Researchers report record ice cap melt in Greenland
(Fri 13/08)
Researchers have discovered a significant ice cap melt in Greenland, recording the biggest indication of climate change to date, as NASA releases the first high-quality images of a massive ice shelf, four times the size

Transport sector lagging on minimising climate change impact
(Thu 12/08)
The global transportation industry could have a major long-term impact on climate change and world energy usage, if strategic investments are not made, according to research.

Energy saving cuts 60% more carbon than official figures suggest
(Wed 30/06)
Switching off lights, turning the television off at the mains and using cooler washing cycles could have a much bigger impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power stations than previously thought, according to

Ultra energy-efficient lighting gets £1.2m research fund boost
(Fri 25/06)
Six British companies have won support for carrying out technical feasibility studies in the first phase of a major initiative to develop more energy efficient lighting for our homes.

Life beneath ocean floor holds key to finding life on other planets
(Mon 14/06)
Researchers believe the abundance of microbes beneath the deep ocean floor may be the largest biological reservoir on Earth and could hold the key to finding life on other planets.

Plymouth top as University Green League is released
(Thu 10/06)
The University of Plymouth has been award the top spot in the People & Planet’s Green League 2010, unveiled today by the UK’s leading student campaign network.

Less ice covers the Arctic now than at any time in recent history
(Thu 03/06)
The first comprehensive study of the history of the Arctic has revealed less ice covers the polar region than at any time over the past few thousand years.

Droughts could increase ten-fold, warns Met Office
(Wed 26/05)
A Met Office study on how climate change could affect the frequency of extreme droughts in the UK has found a range of possibilities — the majority of them showing such droughts will become more common.

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