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Organic fruit is more flavourful and nutritious, study finds
(Thu 02/09)
Side-by-side comparisons of organic and conventional strawberry farms and their fruit found the organic farms produced more flavourful and nutritious berries while leaving the soil healthier and more genetically diverse.

Pioneering science turns windows into green energy generators
(Wed 11/08)
An international team of scientists and industrialists is developing a revolutionary new technique for harnessing green energy by turning windows into energy generators.

Global tropical forests face devastation by the year 2100
(Thu 05/08)
By the end of the century only 18% to 45% of the plants and animals making up ecosystems in global, humid tropical forests may remain as we know them today, according to a new study

Study taps into ocean heat to generate renewable energy
(Wed 04/08)
Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa say that the Leeward side of Hawaiian Islands may be ideal for future ocean-based renewable energy plants that would use seawater from the oceans' depths to drive massive

CO2 emissions must be near-zero by end of century, warns scientists
(Mon 02/08)
A group of leading researchers has warned carbon emissions must be reduced by more than a half by 2050 and drop to near-zero by the end of the century to stabilise the effects of global warming.

Brazil praised for “amazing” victories in battle to protect Amazon
(Wed 07/07)
The first research team to explore the heart of Amazon has said it is “amazed and surprised” to discover unexpected evidence that many of the Brazilian government’s efforts to protect the environment are working.

Aquamarine Power secures £3m to trial Oyster wave energy device
(Tue 06/07)
Wave energy developer Aquamarine Power has been awarded over £3 million from the Scottish Government to support the development of its next-generation Oyster wave energy device.

Tackling CO2 could last for centuries, study warns
(Fri 02/07)
With carbon dioxide in the atmosphere approaching alarming levels, even halting emissions altogether may not be enough to avert catastrophic climate change, warn researchers.

Ancient hunters traced as start of man-made global warming
(Wed 30/06)
Even before the dawn of agriculture, people may have caused the planet to warm up, a new NASA-funded study suggests.

Alpine regions at increased risk of climate change threats
(Tue 15/06)
Climate change could cause increasing and unpredictable hazard risks in mountainous regions, according to a new study from the University of Exeter and Austrian researchers.

Lemurs of Madagascar offer clues to global-warming impact
(Tue 08/06)
Global warming may present a threat to animal and plant life even in biodiversity hot spots once thought less likely to suffer from climate change, according to a new study from Rice University.

Beef cattle do more harm to environment than dairy herds
(Thu 27/05)
A new study highlights the environmental impact of beef produced from specialist meat production based on suckler herds, as opposed to that based on the calves of dairy cows.

Scientists find microbes capable of naturally tackling oil spills
(Thu 27/05)
Marine bacteria could be the key to cleaning oil spills in the sea, without further damaging the environment by using chemicals, according to microbiologists at Bangor University.

Campaigners welcome new evidence for cuts in EU emissions
(Wed 26/05)
Cutting EU emissions deeply enough to help prevent dangerous climate change would be significantly cheaper than expected and would also have important benefits for Europe’s economy, the European Commission declared tod

Strong climate change signal as oceans get warmer and higher
(Thu 20/05)
The upper layer of the world’s ocean has warmed steadily since 1993, indicating a strong climate change signal, according to a new study released by the UK Met Office. The energy stored is enough to power nearly 50

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