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Sustainable transport survey identifies five types of travellers
(Sat 30/01)
A new study of attitudes towards transport and mobility has identified five groups of travellers. The groups differ significantly in their choice of transport, distance travelled and the impact their transport choices ha

Researchers release new map of global energy flow
(Sat 30/01)
Researchers have developed a new energy map that traces the flow of global energy from the fuel sources to the final services provided. The study provides new insight into the potential of energy efficiency measures by f

Two fuel-efficient motors at top of crash safety table
(Sat 30/01)
Two fuel-efficient hybrid cars have come out towards the top of a league table that ranks Europe's safest vehicles.

Coastal areas play a crucial carbon role
(Tue 19/01)
Scientists have documented the capacity of coastal habitats to bury and lock away carbon into soils and sediments in a major new report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN).

Boost for electric vehicle battery chemistry
(Wed 13/01)
A UK consortium has been awarded almost £1 million in funding by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to develop new battery chemistry that will deliver high energy densities, and to produce a prototype for the plug-in e

Polar bears moving onshore to hunt for food, study finds
(Fri 08/01)
A long-term study of polar bears has found they are now ten times more likely to hunt for food on land than their natural environment on ice.

Researchers develop climate change early warning system
(Wed 06/01)
Researchers have developed a new way to measure the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) by oceans, and have successfully mapped the CO2 uptake of the North Atlantic.

Climate change attracts deadly jellyfish to UK shores
(Tue 05/01)
The deadly Portugese man-o-war jellyfish is to become a regular visitor to the English coastline, according to scientists studying the impacts of environmental change.

Arctic could face warmer and ice-free conditions, warn scientists
(Wed 30/12)
There is increased evidence that the Arctic could face seasonally ice-free conditions and much warmer temperatures in the future.

World’s first coastal erosion monitoring system deployed
(Thu 10/12)
A prototype of the world’s first underwater coastal erosion monitoring system is to be deployed off the South Wales coast next week.

Researchers show major increase in CO2 emissions
(Tue 08/12)
A rise in atmospheric CO2 emissions continues to outstrip the ability of the world's natural 'sinks' to absorb carbon, according to academics from the University of Sheffield, who have proved this using the strongest

Is business “Getting It”?, asks ACCA and GRI
(Mon 07/12)
The business response to climate change is described as “timid” and “sleepy” by two of six expert commentators interviewed for a new report from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and GRI (

Major impacts of climate change expected on mental health
(Thu 03/12)
Leading mental health researchers are warning that some of the most important health consequences of climate change will be on mental health, yet this issue is unlikely to be given much attention at the UN climate change

Crabs and lobsters thicken shells as oceans absorb more CO2
(Wed 02/12)
In a striking finding that raises new questions about carbon dioxide’s (CO2) impact on marine life, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists report that some shell-building creatures - such as crabs, shri

Imperial spin-out makes Li-ion battery breakthrough
(Tue 01/12)
Nexeon, a company formed following a breakthrough discovery made at Imperial College London, has revealed its plans to commercialise lithium-ion battery technology, a development which will lead to batteries with signif

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