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Scientists call for huge programme of tree planting
(Wed 25/11)
If an extra four percent of the United Kingdom’s land were planted with new woodland over the next 40 years, it could be locking up ten percent of the nation’s predicted greenhouse gas emissions by the 2050s.

Annual rate of CO2 emissions has tripled in past decade
(Tue 24/11)
The annual rate of increase in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels has more than tripled in this decade, compared to the 1990s, reports an international consortium of scientists, who paint a bleak picture of the E

Brits act green but only if it doesn't cost the Earth
(Mon 23/11)
A new study reveals 70 percent of UK households always separate their rubbish for recycling, but only 2 percent buy their energy on a green tariff.

World’s largest extinction linked to 21st century lung cancer epidemic
(Fri 20/11)
The geologic conditions that very nearly annihilated life 250 million years ago are still killing people today.

Brits revealed to be more green at home than in the workplace
(Thu 19/11)
Brits are happy to recycle and follow green practises at home but leave their environmental conscience at the door when they arrive for work.

Europe’s next generation don’t know how to save the planet
(Wed 18/11)
A pan-European study revealed the Continent’s next generation are confused by environmental messages and don’t know how to save the planet.

£3m cloud study launched to understand climate change role
(Mon 09/11)
The role clouds play in climate change remains a mystery, but the EUCLIPSE ('Cloud intercomparison, process study and evaluation project') project is set to shed light on this issue by using state-of- the-art technolog

Study finds direct link between traffic pollution and asthma
(Thu 05/11)
Heavy traffic corridors in Calfornia cities Long Beach and Riverside are responsible for a significant proportion of preventable childhood asthma, and the true impact of air pollution and ship emissions on the disease ha

Researchers can harvest energy from nature's motions
(Mon 02/11)
By taking advantage of the vagaries of the natural world, Duke University engineers have developed a novel approach that they believe can more efficiently harvest electricity from the motions of everyday life.

Sea levels rising 3 times faster than in previous 500 years
(Thu 29/10)
Sea-level rises are accelerating according to a study by an international team of environmental scientists.

Simplest measures can result in huge carbon cuts, says study
(Tue 27/10)
New technologies and policies that save energy, remove atmospheric carbon and limit greenhouse gas emissions are needed to fight global climate change – but face daunting technological, economic and political hurdles,

New world map reveals global impact if climate change goes unchecked
(Thu 22/10)
A new map illustrating the global consequences of failing to keep climate change to under 2 degrees Celsius was launched today by the UK Government.

Carbon-offsetting and conservation can both flourish in rainforest
(Tue 20/10)
Logged rainforests can support as much plant, animal and insect life as virgin forest within 15 years if properly managed, research at the University of Leeds has found.

Study balances city growth against global warming
(Wed 14/10)
Houses on stilts, small scale energy generation and recycling our dishwater are just some of the measures that are being proposed to prepare cities for the effects of global warming.

University leads the way in green construction
(Wed 16/09)
The University of Salford has played a leading role in securing a massive £6 million towards helping construction firms develop greener building methods.

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